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SGS Testing

SGS Introduction:

SGS certification means that SGS according to standards, regulations, customer requirements and other conditions on the target compliance certification services. To carry out the relevant certification, it must pass the inspection, testing, accreditation, certification and other means (SGS certification itself is not a certification, but to SGS certification services).

SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance SA is short, translated as "SGS." It was founded in 1878, it is the world's largest and oldest civil party in product quality control and technical appraisal of multinational companies. Headquartered in Geneva, in the world with more than 1,000 offices and laboratories and more than 59,000 professional and technical personnel, product quality inspection, monitoring and assurance activities in 142 countries.

Various types of laboratory departments in accordance with the United States, Canada, the European Community, the United Kingdom, Germany and other standards or customer requirements to provide comprehensive testing and issued a widely recognized authority of test reports.


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SGS routine testing services I could provide as follows:

One. Restricted Substances Testing

1. RoHS (Pb Pb, Cd Cd, Hg Hg, Cr6 + hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls PBBs, polybrominated diphenyl ethers PBDEs)

2. RoHS 2.0 (RoHS six, HBCDD six HBCD, DEHP phthalate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, DBP phthalate, butyl benzyl phthalate, BBP phthalate, butyl benzyl phthalate)

3. PAHs / PAHs

4. SVHC (REACH restricted substances in the EU test)

5. CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Act H.R.4040)

6. EN71 (European Toy Standard)

7. ASTM F963 (US toy standard)

8. Phthalates / phthalates

9. AZO / azo compound

10. BPA / Bisphenol A, TBBP-A Tetrabromobisphenol A

11. Nonyl Phenol (NP) / nonylphenol

12. Ni / nickel release

13. PCP / PCP, TeCP / trichlorophenol, TCP / trichlorophenol

14. Formaldehyde / formaldehyde

15. NPEO / nonylphenol ether, OPEO / octyl phenol ethoxylates

16. PFOS / perfluorooctanoate alkyl sulfonic acid, PFOA / PFOA

17. Halogen / Halogen


19. PCB / PCBs, PCN / polychlorinated naphthalene

20. Organotins / organic tin compounds, TBTO / tributyltin oxide

21. General elements (Pb Pb, Cd Cd, Hg Hg, P phosphorus, Be Beryllium, Nickel Ni, As arsenic, Ba Ba, Sb antimony) almost all the elements

22. Conflict Minerals (Au gold, Ta Ta, W W, Sn Sn)

23. radioactive elements (Sr Sr, Cs Cs, Th Th, U uranium)

24. Asbestos / Asbestos

25. Cobalt dichloride / cobalt chloride

26. BHT / antioxidants

27. OP / octyl phenol, NP / nonylphenol (NP)

28. DMF / DMF, DMF / dimethylformamide

29. Mirex (Perchlordecone) / mirex

30. PVC / PVC, and mixtures thereof

31. PCT / polychlorinated terphenyls

32. 1,2,3-Benzotriazole / benzotriazole

33. ODCs ozone-depleting chemical testing

34. HBCDD / six HBCDD

35. formamide Formamide, siloxane silicone

36. The EU Battery Directive 2006/66 / EC

37. The United States Battery Directive US law 104-142 (HR2024)

38. The EU Packaging 94/62 / EC

39. US packaging TPCH (CONEG)

40. MCCP carbon chlorinated paraffins

41. HFC HFCs, PFC perfluorocarbons

More restricted substances testing requirements are welcome to contact our customer service staff.


II. Food-grade test food contact materials

Test items: European Union EU food-grade test, Germany LFGB testing, the US FDA, France French test, test, Italy Italy, Korea KFDA testing, Chinese GB test.

three. Textile Testing

Test items: structural analysis, dimensional stability, color fastness, strength testing, quality and combustion tests, clothing ingredient testing

Business: clothing, fabrics, footwear, luggage, home textiles, leather products, feather products, accessories, and other

IV. Light toys product testing

Toy testing, baby supplies, fitness equipment testing, testing supplies, hand tools test, furniture and accessories test, the helmet test

- Light Industrial Products category: furniture, packing materials, baby products, hand tools, sports equipment, ceramics, candles, housewares, zippers,

Medical gloves, screwdriver, hammer, paper, (cloth) bags, stationery, etc.

Fives. Cosmetics Testing

Test items: physical performance testing, toxicity testing, labeling assessment: TRA toxicity assessment, packaging labels assessment, biodegradability tests, microbiological stability test, heavy metal testing, eco-labeling tests (detergent), PH value of the test

Products include: cosmetics, hygiene, hair care and sun protection products, cotton products, detergents, first aid accessories, kitchen cleaning accessories

VI. Electrical & Electronic Test

Test items: CE (EU test items), FCC (USA), GS (Germany), CB (international), E mark (EU), RoHS testing machine, SVHC testing machine.

Business: home appliances, power tools, video and other electrical products, lamps and accessories, transformers and power supplies, short-range radio frequency device.

Seven. Industrial Test

Test items: providing a metal, polymer material material composition analysis and performance testing (such as plastics, paints, coatings and rubber), independent testing supplies materials, chemical composition and physical properties.

Business Scope: - large equipment: chemical, natural gas, power plant equipment, boilers, pressure vessels, pumps,

Steel structures, piping, instrumentation, water and electricity equipment, valves, strong power equipment

- Material: steel, plastic, paint, rubber materials, automotive materials

- Building materials: concrete, cement, brick type, mortar, civil

Eight. Environmental laboratory testing

Test items: soil testing, groundwater testing, dioxins (dioxins within any product) testing, air quality testing


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