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AZO Testing

Azo dyes (AZO) is a textile and garment dyeing process in the most widely used class of synthetic dyes, azo dyes (AZO) for a variety of natural and synthetic fibers, dyeing and printing, azo dyes (AZO) also used paints, plastics, rubber, coloring. Under special conditions, azo dyes (AZO) to the decomposition of 20 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines, through activation of the DNA structure changes caused by human-induced lesions and cancer.
Azo dyes (AZO) to find

1859 J, P. Gris found the first diazo compound and prepared the first aniline dyes ---- yellow. Azo dyes including direct mordant acid alkaline azoic disperse dyes and organic pigments. according to the number of molecules contained in the azo azo can be divided into single and multi-bis-azo three azo dyes: a single azo: Ar-N = N-Ar-OH (NH2) double azo dyes: Ar1 -N = N-Ar2-N = N-Ar3 three azo dyes: Ar1-N = N-Ar2-N = N-Ar3-N = N-Ar4 where Ar is aryl. With the purpose to increase the base azo , dye color deepened.

Azo dyes (AZO) is the color of the dye to form the basis of the material, if the rejection of the azo structure, then most of the dye-based colors will not be able to generate, a small number of azo dyes (AZO) structure of the dye species in the decomposition of a chemical reaction may produce the following twenty-four kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines are the European Union banned these substances banned azo dyes varieties accounted for about 5% and not the end all of the azo dye structures have been disabled. Need to detect dyes (AZO) products are:

1 clothing, bedding, towels, wigs, false eyebrows, hats, diapers and other hygiene supplies, sleeping bags
2: shoes, gloves, watches, belts, handbags, all kinds of wallets, briefcases, chair covers
3 textile or leather toys, clothing with textile or leather toys, synthetic organic dyes dye 
4: end-use consumer wire fabric