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MSDS Report

In European countries, MSDS also known as the Safety / data sheet SDS (Safety Data sheet). MSDS International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 11014, SDS terminology, but the United States, Canada, Australia and many Asian countries have adopted the MSDS term.
MSDS is the chemical production or sale of business required by law to provide customers with the chemical characteristics of a comprehensive legal document. It provides physical and chemical parameters of chemicals, blasting performance, health hazards, safe use of storage, leakage disposal, first aid measures and the relevant laws and regulations sixteen content. Currently, the group by the International Programme on Chemical Safety (International Programme on Chemical Safety) MSDS prepared a similar document, the International Chemical Safety Cards [International Chemical safety Card (ICSC)]. Similarly with the MSDS, ICSC overview of chemical-related health and safety of use of information. Today, there are 1,300 chemicals, according to ICSC. Other than English, ICSC has also been translated into 13 other languages. However, ICSC no government regulations on chemicals, while some warning of the standard terms (R-Phrases) does not apply in some countries. Therefore, ICSC is not a legal document, it can not replace the current international circulation MSDS.

MSDS's position in international trade
United States, Europe and other developed countries laws on the environment and occupational health requirements were very strict. International trade in chemicals, customers often buy chemicals prior to the vendor for MSDS.
Suppliers comply with legal requirements, will provide timely comply with laws and regulations of the country the customer requirements MSDS. In the United States, Canada and European countries, a number of large and medium enterprises are equipped with dangerous chemicals Management or Occupational Health and Environmental Science Management Audit specifically chemical suppliers to provide MSDS, audited in line with the conditions to be eligible under the procurement department further business contacts.

Difficulties in the preparation of high quality MSDS
In addition to testing the physical and chemical properties of chemicals, the test chemical toxicity data is too expensive. If the chemical is mixed with additives or composite materials or reaction by-products exist, then the producers of the product is difficult to make a correct assessment of toxicological properties. If the supplier's MSDS errors or inaccurate, or deliberately conceal harmful information, causing the user casualties or environmental pollution, users tend to request a MSDS sheet for providers bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
MSDS prepared by the buyer must comply with the relevant countries and regions where laws and regulations of hazardous chemicals. However, different countries, and even the same country, different states (for example: USA) has its own different requirements for MSDS. Meanwhile, some data or the list will change frequently (for example, ACGIH published a new annual threshold of exposure, NTP announced a new biennial list of carcinogens), so make the preparation more difficult to meet the requirements of the MSDS.

MSDS prepared by the present method, some domestic enterprises risk
At present, many major chemical manufacturers in two ways to prepare MSDS: First, from a large foreign company's Web site to find similar chemicals, copied over. Another way is to buy from abroad, a small amount of the same product samples in order to get the seller to provide MSDS, and then put it into their own (in fact, even if the seller does not buy the product, as long as the request, generally foreign companies will provide their product MSDS). The first method may be two problems: First, similar to the chemical toxicity data (LD50) may vary greatly on human health and the environment are not the same; the second is if the online MSDS is released a few years ago, then the corresponding data or regulation is very likely to have been updated. The second method does not exist the problem, but if your product is a mixture, in general, it is hard to find the same products in foreign companies. Even so, the seller of products may not meet the relevant legal provisions of the country you are the buyer requires.

MSDS on the role of export enterprises
In international trade, MSDS also a measure of the quality of a company's strength, image and management is an important symbol of high quality chemical products with high quality MSDS, is bound to add more business opportunities. Let the experts of international level to help you prepare, the high level of MSDS reports on the success of trade promotion is key to effective corporate image advertising, relatively speaking, the cost is not high.
To promote China's chemical products successfully enter the international chemical market, and increase the international competitiveness of domestic exports of chemicals from the vicious price competition to brand and product specifications healthy competition.

Provisions of EU Council Directive 2001/58/EC of the contents of Safety Data Sheet
Chemical Name Composition / Information on Hazards
Fire-fighting measures first aid emergency leak
Handling and Storage Exposure Controls / Personal Protection Physical and Chemical Properties
Stability and Reactivity Toxicological Information Ecological Information
Disposal Transport Information Regulatory Information

With the new EU chemicals policy REACH entered into force in 2007, is expected in the next few years to prepare for the reasonable requirements of the specification of security technologies will be more intense. Hazardous or contain hazardous chemicals, substances, preparations and articles to provide downstream users should be prepared by the professional bodies Safety Data Sheet. Safety Data Sheet for many sectors have a vital role, including chemicals, dyes, accessories, cosmetics manufacturers and the normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use contain chemicals products such as hair spray and printer ink cartridges manufacturers.