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DMF detection

The EU has banned products containing dimethyl fumarate market or on the market. Recent massive recall of products containing DMF exceeded, the corresponding production and sales of domestic business a tremendous impact. Sunde test can provide you with professional testing services of DMF.


Introduction detection of dimethyl fumarate
Recently, the European Commission through the "request the member states pledge not to contain a biocide dimethyl fumarate products to market or sell the product on the draft" (2009/251/EC), May 2009, provided 1 in the future, banned products containing dimethyl fumarate market or on the market.

New directive
Provisions after 1 May 2009, banned products containing dimethyl fumarate market or on the market, already on the market or sold in the market of products containing dimethyl fumarate should be recovered;
    ■ product or product parts in the DMF content should not exceed 0.1 mg / kg (0.1ppm);
    ■ shall not use products and packaging containing dimethyl fumarate desiccant, fungicide sachet.

Background of the new directive issued
Dimethyl fumarate (DMF) is the 1980s the rise of the international efficient, low toxicity fungicides, in China's furniture industry, extensive use of the footwear industry, more than normal use may cause consumers to skin allergies, rashes or burns, last year in France, Poland, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom and other countries have occurred in consumers allergic reactions. 2009/251/EC was published, the ban on the DMF from France, Spain, Belgium 3 extended to the entire European Union country, will be restricting our shoes, bags, sofas and other leather goods export processing enterprises is another technology barriers.

Of dimethyl fumarate (DMF)
Most of dimethyl fumarate in the furniture package at a fixed inside a small bag, or add in the shoe box. So as to maintain the product dry and moisture to prevent mildew product. However, access to the product consumers are hurt. DMF penetration through the clothing to the consumer's skin, causing painful skin contact dermatitis, including itching, irritation, redness, and burns; in some cases, there are reports of acute respiratory diseases. Dermatitis is not particularly easy to treat. Therefore, the presence of dimethyl fumarate to become a serious danger.