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Electronics CE certification
The basic requirements of CE marking construction products

The basic requirements of building products
Products must meet their intended use for the construction of (the whole project and each separate part of the project), taking into account the economic, as such, works must comply with basic requirements of the regulations include the following conditions to meet these requirements. In the case of normal maintenance, these requirements must be economically reasonable service life are met. This usually related to the predictable action.

1 Mechanical resistance and stability
    Construction design and construction must make it in the construction and use may not lead to bear the load following incidents:
    - Project as a whole or partial collapse;
    - Deformed to the extent permitted;
    - Carrying severe structural deformation caused by engineering or other parts or devices installed equipment has been damaged;
    - Damage caused by the accident is not commensurate with the original intention.

2 Fire Safety
    Construction design and construction must be in fire emergencies:
    - The carrying capacity of the structure to maintain a specified period of time;
    - To make the project within the fire, smoke generation and spread by the restrictions;
    - To make the fire spread to nearby construction work is restricted;
    - So that people can escape from the works or otherwise be rescued;
    - To consider the safety of rescue workers.

3 Hygiene, health and the environment
    Construction design and construction project must ensure that its not the person or neighborhood within the health and health threat, especially not the following occurs:
    - The release of toxic gases;
    - Emergence of harmful particles in the air or gas;
    - The release of harmful radiation;
    - The soil or water pollution and poisoning;
    - For waste water, smoke, waste, or improper waste removal;
    - Engineering or in various parts of the surface moisture.

4 the use of safety
Construction design and construction shall not cause operation or occurred during use, such as slip, fall, collision, burns, electrocution, explosions and other unacceptable risk of accident.

5 Noise Protection
Construction design and construction projects must be within the scope of personnel and nearby residents can be aware of the noise out of control at a low level, so that their health is not threatened and to allow them to sleep in a satisfactory environment, rest and work.

6 energy saving and thermal insulation
According to local weather conditions and personnel, construction and heating, cooling, ventilation design and construction must be used as little as possible to ensure the required energy.