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Light CE certification
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EU market (EMCD) and other identifying information
Compared to the old command, the new directive in Article IX of the "other identification and information" for the new content. Consider simplifying the product conformity assessment procedures the manufacturer to give more rights, in order to avoid risk, through identification and information, can greatly facilitate the EU's product management and supervision, to reduce various costs, increase equipment availability retrospective. New content:
 Application type, batch, serial number or other information to identify each device;
 Each device shall be accompanied by the manufacturer or his authorized representative or responsible in the European Union into the EU market the device name of the person and address;
 The manufacturer shall provide any such assembly, installation, maintenance or use of special precautionary information;
 For the protection of residential areas can not ensure compliance with the requirements of the equipment, should be accompanied by restrictions on the use of eye-catching instructions. Appropriate when the requirements for the packaging of the device;
 In the instructions supplied with the device, the device should be included so that the information used by the intended purpose.