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Power Tools CE certification
Power tools - CE certificate-CE mark
1 technical coordination and standards for new methods and global approach to conformity assessment
    In order to achieve the single market objective, technical coordination of the implementation of the principle, the EC proposed a new method of technical harmonization and standards and conformity assessment of the global approach, in order to coordinate the technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment of the three relationships.
    Technical coordination and standards for the new approach is the European Council adopted in 1985 "on technical standards for new methods of coordination and decision" (85/C136/01) proposed the coordination of industrial products, the new framework of national legislation. Based on the decision to develop the EU directive is often referred to as the "new approach directives." Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive and outdoor equipment noise directive method of instruction are the new areas, a common feature of the new method of instruction is:
Only invest in the European market-related products must meet the basic requirements for mandatory coordination;
Notice given by the coordination of standards in line with the basic requirements of Directive detailed technical specifications;
Coordination of voluntary standards for manufacturers to use the basic requirements or other instructions to meet the technical standards and specifications;
Products manufactured according to harmonized standard will be presumed to meet the appropriate instructions on the product's basic requirements.
    Directive provides for the conformity assessment procedures related to the products covered by the requirements of the Directive to be assessed above the qualifying product CE mark affixed on the individual products without CE mark, the general requirements of EC declaration of conformity with the product is shipped.
    In addition, regulatory compliance products for proof of conformity assessment procedures adopted by the EU Council "global approach to conformity assessment on the decision" (90/C10/01) and "for the technical coordination of the different stages of instruction mode and conformity assessment procedures CE conformity mark affixed to the rules of decision "(90/683/EEC, 1993, was replaced 93/465/EEC) to determine the conformity assessment of the basic framework of the global approach and conformity assessment procedures of the eight basic models and eight derivative mode, New Approach Directives require all models are used for conformity assessment methods, and determine regulatory compliance CE mark as the only sign. Method to set the global conformity assessment procedures for the eight basic model see the appliances "CE mark" column under "2. Conformity assessment model."
2. CE mark Overview
    The CE Mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer must enter the EU market conditions. CE marked products can be sold in the EU member countries, do not meet the requirements of each member, in order to achieve the goods within the EU member states free movement. In the EU market, CE marking is a mandatory certification mark, whether within the EU production of products, or products of other countries, in order to free circulation in the EU market, it is necessary to affix the CE mark to indicate that the product complies with EU technical coordination with the standard basic requirements of the New Approach Directives. This is the EU law on the products of a mandatory requirement.
    CE mark for EU member states accepted the object responsible for implementing product safety control of the national market regulatory authorities, rather than the customer, when a product has CE marking, the member is responsible for market surveillance authorities should be assumed to meet the basic instructions request, free circulation in the EC market. Manufacturer or its agents, or importers of EU member states must be responsible for the correctness of the CE mark. CE marked not by the official authorities, certification bodies or testing laboratories issued, but by the manufacturer or its agent in accordance with an authentication mode (or mixed), self-produced and affixed. CE mark is the official marketing product safety control design, not production for the consumer, not suitable for advertising. However, in the production of the product directory, the directory can be printed on legally obtained the CE mark.
3. CE mark affixed method
    Electric tools products on the EU market, they must affix the CE mark. CE marking must be in by the manufacturer or its authorized agent affixed to the EU. Manufacturers (the EU or from outside the EU) is the product meets the essential requirements of Directive ultimately responsible, manufacturers can also be specified in the EU a sole agent responsible for placing the product on the market and the manufacturer should bear the responsibility.
    In principle, the relevant instructions to ensure that products meet all the requirements must be completed before all conformity assessment procedures in the product affixed CE mark. CE marked work is often done in the production phase. For example, the first CE mark attached to the nameplate on the direct test has finished and then the CE mark affixed to products. However, if the CE mark is affixed to die stamping or casting methods to form an integral part of the product or parts, then the mark can be affixed to any stage of production, as long as the entire production process, verify product conformity assessment procedures is qualified to.
    CE marking must be affixed in a prominent position on the product should be legible, easy to apply. Typically, CE mark to be affixed to the product or the nameplate; if not able to CE mark attached directly to the product, can also be affixed to product packaging or documentation included with the product, but need proof. Usually in the following cases, CE marking can be affixed to the packaging or accompanying documents: the product is easy to explosives, or due to certain technical and economic conditions, or because it is not guaranteed to reach the size of the CE mark requirements, or can not do to mark clearly visible, easily altered requirements.
    CE mark shall not be less than the minimum height of 5 mm, if the ratio should be reduced or expanded. Designated technical agencies (NB) may be used according to the conformity assessment procedures in the design, production or whole (including the design and production) stage of the conformity assessment activities. If NB involved in the production phase of the conformity assessment procedures, the number of NB CE mark should be placed after; CE mark may not be involved after the conformity assessment of the NB number. NB if you have more than one conformity assessment involved in the production phase of the work, then there may be more than one applicable directives, in this case, CE marking will be after a few numbers. CE mark NB number of other countries can also be affixed to that in Europe if the product is a NB based Directive in the country's conformity assessment activities, the CE mark can be affixed in this country.