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Light CE certification
Candle Testing

As consumer awareness of the increasing demand for lifestyle, increase in sales of candles, candles are still welcomed by the majority of consumers. Candles, while increasingly popular, the incidence of accidents associated with growing families as a direct result of candle fires and tragedy inevitably increase. Improper use of candles is part of the reason the accident, but some candles and candlesticks designed unreasonable cause of the accident is caused.

Candles and candle holders there is no doubt to meet the "general product safety regulations 1994", which within the EU to implement the Act provides for the safety of candles and candle holders. Suntech has developed a comprehensive testing program, this test allows us to under the provisions of the above to determine whether the candle safety.

Suntech offers candles, candle holders and related products (incense sticks, fragrance furnace, etc.) a comprehensive testing and evaluation. We can according to your requirements and the following combination of candles and candle holders on a typical project to assess the safety and performance tests:
Security Project
- Burning wick of performance and
- Anti-shine level (tea light candles and candle)
- Quick melting wax material and the overflow volume (%)
- Stability
- Wax-core lead
- Coating for combustion of heavy metals - the temperature of the candle container
- Cup of tea light candles and candle shining degree
- Sudden changes in temperature difference between the candle container capacity of the anti-
- Labels
- To the pigments, ornaments, wax core debris, containers, and candle wax composition to form the two core
Other items affecting safety and performance
- Flash point of wax
- Wax types of identity and purity
- Wax cooling temperature
- Wax type identification and utilization of core
Performance projects
- The production of soot and soot loading capacity of
- Candles loss rate (%)
- Burning time
Other services
- To provide tailor-made security and performance solutions
- Provide evidence of professional identification
- Asked by retailers to review and identification of - the investigation of consumer complaints
- Candle safety training courses