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Power Tools CE certification
REACH-SVHC Directive Testing Certification
Purpose of REACH
    To protect the human being health, maintain and improve the competence of chemical industry; improve chemical information transparency; less vertebrate animal experiments, to be uniform with WTO frame and international responsibility.

    Essentially, REACH aims at boosting chemical industry renovation, making safer products, increase competence. What is different to the current system is REACH is constructing anew chemical management system within the European Union, requiring all company to comply ONLY this new standard for all chemical and new products. 

SUNDE TEST REACH one-stop solution
1 Professional testing service:

* Professional SVHC substance testing service
* Substances in Appendix X, XII testing service
* SDS(Safety Data Sheet) compilation

2 Providing information concern supply chain:
* Inventory list for all material
* Data searching, collection of current data
* Preparation of chemical data sheet
* Detection of data loss, Acquisition of new data and related method
* Analysis of possible exposure reason

3 File compilation:
* Carry out Chemical Safety Analysis (CSA), compilation of Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
* Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) technology
* Technology document compilation

4 Provide professional suggesting:
* Experts suggesting on chemical safety analysis and toxicity, bio-toxicity testing
* Looking for substitution of chemical ingredient and improvement suggesting
* Management advices in manufacturing, storage and distribution chain

5 Value-added service:
* Grasping REACH regulation trends
* Providing industrial trend via SUNDE Express and other propagating material
* Assisting companies in Substance information exchange forum (SIEF) for data sharing
* Assisting companies in law regulations in supply chain training