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materials CE certification
Chemical testing for Furniture
The institution that authorized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Multilateral Recognition Agreement (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement) (ILAC, 2000) ,it have the advanced international testing equipment, furniture and chemical, physical and other professional talents, relying on its strong technical force and equipment conditions, to provide customers with comprehensive, accurate and complete testing services of furniture

·formaldehyde content test
·PCP content test
·Heavy metals (lead, chromium, etc.) test
·fungicides test
·azo test
·moisture content of Wood test
·Lead content of paint test
·Corrosion testing of metal parts

·harmful substances of Furniture
Formaldehyde-plywood, glue, paints
pentachlorophenol (PCP )---- textiles, leather, wood (wood) for mildew treatment
dimethyl fumarate (DMF) --- - textiles, leather, wood (wood) for mildew treatment
azo ---- textiles, leather colorants
arsenic -wood preservative treatment
lead ---- used in paints parts,
Hexavalent chromium - used inpaints, plastics
nickel (free )---- hardware