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Cosmetic and chemical product testing

The health ministry cosmetics rules "(2007 edition), already from July 1, 2007, began to carry out further strengthening the supervision and management of cosmetics, keep our country with international cosmetics standards. Compared with 2002 edition, new standard changes in the forbidden rationed mainly concentrated on raw materials and detection methods. In raw materials, new rules according to eu "cosmetics and health regulations", increase 790 kind of banned substances, presently were banned substances, and health of 1286 2005 "issued by the hair colorings raw material list regulate the limit of materials used list. Meanwhile, new standard of preservative, sunscreen, colorants, hair coloring part of raw materials, including the adjustment shall be deleted, increase and change rationed condition, raw materials become the cosmetics industry supervising key.
According to the domestic and foreign relevant standard provides different cosmetics raw material, finished products and chemical product of comprehensive detection.


Sanitary chemistry inspection:
Arsenic, lead, mercury, methanol, free hydroxides, cadmium, sr, total fluorine, total selenium, boric acid and borates, disulfide selenium, formaldehyde, mercaptoacetic acid, hydrogen quinonoids, phenol, sex hormones, sunscreen, preservative, oxidation type of hair dye, nitrogen mustard, cantharidin, alpha hydroxy acid, to fight agent, antibiotics, metronidazole, vitamin D2 &; amp D3, soluble zinc salt, cosmetics resistance ability, other cosmetics UVA sanitary standard of disable and restricted substances through

Microbial inspection:
Colonies, total fecal coliform, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, mildew and yeast

Toxicology tests:
Acute tramsotal toxicity tests, acute percutaneous toxicity tests, skin irritancy/corrosion test, acute eye irritation/corrosive test, the skin allergy test, the skin light toxicity tests, and chronic tramsotal toxicity tests, and chronic percutaneous toxicity tests