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GOST Marking
French food contact material DGCCRF Testing

DGCCRF No. 2004/64 is a regulation about food contact material which is issued by the French general council of competition, consumption and inhibit fraud in 2004. The regulation positively listed and regulated the use of food contact material. It also provides the method and limit for the labs to test these materials.

Test list of all kinds of products

Product category

Test items

Plastic, Polymer class

Overall migration

Migration of specific substances

Paper、paper board

Transfer of antimicrobial constituents

Sensory test(taste, odour)





Extractable Heavy Metal(Pb,Cd,Hg,Cr6+)

Dye color fastness

Extractable thermal decomposition

Ceramic, Glass

Extractable Heavy Metal(Pb,Cd)

Stainless steel

(Cr、Ta、Nb、Zr、Mo、Ti、Al、Cu) Component analysis

Cast iron

Pb Content

Aluminum and Aluminum alloy

(Si、Mg、Mn、Ni、Fe、Cu、Sb、Cr、Ti、Zr、Zn、Sr、Sn)Component analysis

Zinc and Zinc alloy

(Zn、Pb、Cd、As)Component analysis

Extractable Zinc

Tin alloy

(Sn、Pb、Cd、As、Sb、Cu)Component analysis

Extractable Tin

Metal and Alloy with plating layer

Component analysis

(Pb,Cd,As)Pb, Cd, As content in plating layer

Extractable elements in plating layer


Overall migration

Volatile organic matter(VOM)


N-nitrosamine derivatives

migration of aromatic amine

migration of formaldehyde

Peroxide value

Silica gel

Overall migration

Volatile organic matter(VOM)

Peroxide value