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Machinery CE mark
About the EU food grade 1935/204/EC

In 2005, the EU issued a new decree for food contact material: 1935/2004/EC(Regulation NO. 1935/2004/EC of The European Parliament And Of The Council Of 27 October 2004). The decree has replaced the following two decrees: 80/590/EEC and 89/109/EEC. Decree 1935/2004 listed a set of criterias with which all food contact material must comply:
Testable products: 17 types of materials and articles in total. Those materials and articles will be regulated by some specific measures.
1. Active and intelligent materials and articles
2. Adhesive
3. Ceramic
5. Rubber
6. Glass
7. Ion exchange resin
8. Metal and Alloy
9. Paper and board
10. Plastic
11. Ink
12. Regenerated cellulose
13. Silicone rubber
14. Textile
15. Paint finish and Coating
16. Wax
17. Wood
PS: Although the EU don’t have defined decree to prescribe for metal, alloy and metal plating layer that contact with food, in fact, it because they have relatively mature technology, also they have other related regulation, it doesn’t mean they do not need to test. The test items required by EU for imported food contact metal include extractable lead, nickel, chromium. Other test items may be added if required by the customer.

test requirements for specific material:

Material quality

Test item


Overall migration




Migration of VCM

Regenerated cellulose film

Mono Ethylene Glycol

Diethylene glycol

Free formaldehyde


Total amount of solvent

Glass, Ceramic, Enamel

Migration of Lead

Migration of Cadmium

Synthetic rubber and rubber nipple

Overall migration


N-nitrosamine resultant

Soft wood material



Migration offormaldehyde

Stainless steel

Component analysis

Migration of Pb,Cd,Cr,Ni

Metal or Alloy with plating layer

Migration of Pb,Cd,Cr,Ni,Zn

Migration of Pb,Cd,Cr,Ni

Metal or Alloy with organic coating

Overall migration

Migration of Pb、Cd、Cr6+

Aluminum without plating layer

Component analysis

Aluminum with plating layer

Overall migration

Migration of Cr6+

Titanium product



Overall migration

Volatile organic matter(VOM)

Peroxide value