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Machinery CE mark
Textile physical performance test

The textile performance test mainly contains the appearance quality, the size change, color fastness, the intensity and so on, these performance are the textile intrinsic qualitys requirements, each country and the area have the threshold request because the different local standard's difference, and it has had a certain influence to export, SUNDE may act testing according to standards,for example ISO, ASTM, GB, AATCC, JIS, carries on the compliance determination to your product, at present, we mainly have the service in the textile domain's:

Colour fastness to washing
Colour fastness to rubbing
Color fastness to perspiration
Colour fastness to water
Color fastness to sunlight
Color fastness to saliva-resistant
Mass / g weight
Washing shrinkage
Dry cleaning
Tensile strength
Tear strength
Bursting strength
recovery of Crease