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Power Tools CE certification
About textiles and clothing tests

Green textiles are becoming popular in the market to meet the requirements of the global regulations of eco textile standard.  Testing services of SUNDE are approved by most famous garment brands, retailers, and buyers. Besides the testing services and inspection services, SUNDE also provide various training services, such as holding technical seminars which are related to the product standard, textile knowledge, care label, etc.


The Products
Fibre and Yarn、The fabric noodles anticipate、Feather and Down Products、Garment、Sun Protection Clothing、Functional Garments、Garment Accessories


The Test Items
Fiber composition analysis、Color fastness test、Dimensional stability(shrinkage)test、Strength test、Fabric/Garment performance and flammability test、Fibre & yarn test、Greening textiles test、Feather and down product test、Analytical test
Fibre Identification
Apparel and textile products have a high requirement on the fibre identification for the types and percentage of fibre components.


Care Label
Care label can help customers know products’ features, so our tests include:  color fastness to wash, color fastness to dry clean, color fastness to chlorinated bleach, dimensional stability to washing, appearance after washing and ironing, etc.


Color Fastness
Color fastness is a basic requirement to reflect product’s quality. Not only does the fading of dyes affect the apparel appearance, but also human skin can absorb dyes.
Color fastness tests basically include color fastness to washing, water, perspiration, rubbing and light.


Flammability Testing
The safety of apparel and textile products is mainly represented by products’ flammability. In particular, children products and sleepwear’s flammability is of a great importance to products’ sales.


Performance Testing
SUNDE conducts the test such as: color fastness, dimensional stability, physical tests, chemical tests, etc.