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UL Certification
VDE and VDE Testing and Certification Institute instruction

VDE's full name is Prufstelle Testing and Certification Institute, which means that the German Electrical Engineers Association. Directly involved in the German national standards, VDE by about 30,000 organizations and individual members. These members come from the federal government / representatives of various state / industry research and the organization.


Offenbach, Germany's VDE testing and certification institute offerbach (VDE Testing and Certification Institute) is a German Electrical Engineers Association (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, referred to as VDE) belongs to a research institute, founded in 1920. As a neutral, independent body. VDE laboratory based applications, according to German VDE standards or European EN standards, or International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standards for electrical products testing and certification, is Europe's most experienced in the world enjoy a high reputation of the certification bodies. It is nearly 2,200 per year for the 2700 German companies and customers in other countries to complete a total of 18 000 certification program. To date, nearly 50 countries, 200,000 kinds of electrical products VDE mark. VDE certification mark in many countries even more than their well-known Certification Mark, in particular, recognized and valued by importers and exporters.


For after VDE testing laboratory in accordance with strict standards and certified products, consumers can rest assured.


Survey results showed that: 62 percent of Germans have been recognized VDE mark, it would become one of the most famous of the security tag. Most people think that the security tags on electrical goods important in people who are familiar with the German VDE mark 77% This attitude of German citizens, 73% think that a neutral body to carry out security checks on electrical products, "important" or "very important."


Europe's most experienced test pilot certification and inspection bodies is one of the announcement by the EU institutions and authorized international CB CE members. In Europe and internationally, to get the CENELEC European electrical products certification system, CECC Electronic Components Quality Assessment of the European co-ordination system, the IEC electrical products worldwide, electronic components and other certification system recognized. Assess a wide range of products including household and commercial uses electrical, IT equipment, industrial and medical technology equipment, materials and assembly of electronic components, wire and cable.