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GOST R certificate and declaration
GOST R certificate and declaration

GOST R certificate of conformity is a document which confirms the  compliance of a product to the requirements of safety determined by federal standards, rules, or regulations.
GOST R certificates are issued by certification bodies, accredited by Federal agency on technical regulation and metrology (Rostechregulirovanie or former Gosstandart) as a result of a series of tests in accredited testing laboratories finalized with issuing of testing protocols.
In some regulated cases the deliverance of
GOST R certificates requires presenting additional documents to the certification body: hygienic conclusion, certificate of fire safety, technical specifications, etc. In this case the titles and serial numbers of these documents have to appear in GOST R certificate.
GOST R certificate can be issued:
  • for a batch of goods
  • for a series production.
In the former case the certificate is valid for the term of sales contract and amount of supplied products is limitedby amount of products indicated in the contract. This certificate is legalized for a company engaged in supplying goods to the Russian market.
In the latter case a manufacturer of supplied goods is both an applicant and a recipient of a certificate. This type of a certificate is valid for a period identified in a certification document. The possible amount of supplied goods is not limited in this case.
Types of certification schemes:
  • 1, 2 or 3 year certificates for series production (so called scheme #3)
  • Batch certificates (scheme #7 or #2)
  • Small batch certificates (scheme # 9)
  • For a certain class of products there is no need to process a certificate of conformity - in this case an applicant fills a declaration of conformity. The declaration is to be registered by GOST R certification body.
  • Letter of refusal (no certification), voluntary certificate can be issued in accordance with customer demand.