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UL Certification
The new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC of the definition

The new directive defined the machinery, interchangeable equipment, semi-mechanical, safety parts, elevator accessories, the market, manufacturers and other definitions, such as:

(A) "mechanical" (machinery) for the

- (I) together with the drive system assembly or ready assembled together with the drive mechanism, not directly through human or material resources to operate, including the connection with the parts, parts at least one of moving parts, these parts assembled for a specific purpose;

- (II) above in (I) referred to in Article mechanical devices, but the lack can only connect them at the scene or connected with the power source components;

- (III) above the first (1), (II) referred to in Article mechanical device has been ready for the installation, only to be installed in vehicles, buildings, or when a structure to perform its original function;

- (Iv) above the first (I), (II), (III) referred to in Article mechanical device or combination of semi-mechanical device that achieve the same purpose, its arrangement and control in order to function as a whole ;

- (V) connected with a combination of device or component parts, these parts at least one of moving parts, they assembled together, intended to enhance the weight, the only power source is directly to human.


(B) "interchangeable equipment" interchangeable equipment is a mechanical device or a tractor after delivery, he will by the operator of such equipment and tractor assembly of the device or stored together in order to change its function or to obtain a new feature, But equipment is not interchangeable tools.


(C) "safety components" (safety component) refers to a component:

- To play a security function for the purpose;

- May be alone in the market;

- Failure and / or abnormal will endanger the safety of personnel; and

- No parts of this machine can function, or replace parts in general, the machine can still function.


(D) "lift attachment" (lifting accessory) refers to a component or device, it is not affiliated with lifting machinery, can be used for a fixed load, this time is usually placed between the lift machinery and the load or on load; can also be intended to constitute an integral part of the load, independently of the market; slings and their components also known as the lifting machinery accessories.


(E) "chains, ropes and ribbons" (chains, ropes and webbing0 is in the design and structure for the purpose of lifting, lift or elevator accessories are part of the chain, rope and tape.


(F) "removable mechanical transmission device" (removable mechanical transmission device) is a self-propelled machinery (or tractor) and other detachable power transmission between the machine parts, self-propelled machinery (or tractor) and other machines between the first through the fixed bearing to connect. When this device with a protective device on the market, it will be considered as a product.


(G) "semi-mechanical" (partly completed machinery) is composed almost mechanical, but the drive system only partially completed, and can not self-assembly of parts that perform specific functions. Mechanical or semi-finished products can only be used for loading into one or more mechanical devices or other semi-mechanical, to form the machine application of this Directive.


(H) "the market" (placing on the market) is for the purpose of distribution or use, within the European Union launched the first machine or semi-finished machines, regardless of the purpose is to introduce to offer as prizes or free of charge.


(I) "manufacturer" (manufacturer) refers to the design and / or manufacture of machinery provided for in this Directive or any natural or semi-legal machine. Mechanical or semi-finished machine will be the manufacturer's name or trademark on the market, or use by the manufacturers themselves. Manufacturers should be responsible for ensuring that the mechanical or semi-mechanical comply with the provisions of this Directive. Without any manufacturer meeting the above definition, then the provisions under this directive will be mechanical or semi-mechanical on the market or delivery of any natural or legal persons, are defined as the manufacturer of this Directive;


(J) "authorized representative" (authorised representative) is authorized in writing to accept the manufacturer, the manufacturer under this Directive in whole or in part to fulfill the obligation to complete all or part of the procedure or any natural or legal person, but should be within the EU legal limited to those set up.


(K) "delivery" (putting into service) is covered by this Directive within the EU machinery in their intended purpose of use for the first time.


(M) "harmonized standards" (harmonised standard) is defined by the European Committee for Standardization CEN), European Electric Technology Standardization Committee (CENELEC) or the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and other standardization bodies in the European Parliament and the Council of June 1998 22 issued instructions 98/34/EC (the provision of technical standards, specifications and information society services, information about the program) is a non-mandatory technical specifications.