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CE certification-Mechanical safety requirements

Machine type (according to the degree of risk points)

A general machinery dangerous machinery B

Hazard classification
First, the general mechanical hazards mainly from the following four parts:

Normal processing machinery, such as processing easy for a rebound and hurt the staff, the design and manufacture of processing machinery to prevent the workpiece should be able to rebound, so as not to cause harm.

Such as the processing machinery to stop running, and there is still risk exposure tool and processing machine with automatic stop device must be to ensure that the tool in a very short period of time is stopped.

Such as with a tool is not fully automated processing machinery equipment, the design and manufacture should prevent the occurrence of injuries; or circular cross-section of the cutting tool and limit its thickness, will remain a minimum of harm.

Mechanical hazards: The main components from the movement, including movement of the shaft and the drive mechanism caused by compression, shear, or twist into such danger. Experts recommend the use of fixed or movable guard to prevent people approaching the danger zone.


Second, the mechanical safety should consider the following:


1, Component Requirements

And security-related control circuit in the design, selection and assembly of components to use mature technology, that similar applications have been widely and successfully used, or safety standards based on reliable components and manufacturing use of mature technology. Safety control circuit to be able to withstand the expected operating strength to withstand the process of working medium run effects and related external environment. In the design of the circuit, the work should be extremely safe and reliable components, such components can not consider the possibility of failure itself. Meanwhile, in order to avoid short circuit, reduce the incidence of failure to determine the type of failure, failure to accurately detect and prevent the occurrence of secondary failure, can be used such as the isolation circuit, the full carrying capacity, when the case of power failure when the open time, good grounding and other measures.


2, stop machine safety requirements

Machinery and equipment security, the core is to make the equipment dangerous actions stopped, how to stop the equipment from running down is very important. Depending on the security device will be different, have different safety stop function. In normal operation using the stop function, must be able to avoid the equipment, products and processes to be destroyed, while machinery and equipment to be able to prevent the re-start, which is required for the safety stop function.

EN60204-1 standard in the first paragraph in 9.2.2, provides for three stop categories:

Stop category 0: machinery and equipment by immediately cutting off the power supply to achieve the end, that is to stop uncontrolled.

Stop 1: a controlled stop, the supply of machinery and equipment remain the executing agency the power to make the equipment gradually stopped. Only when the equipment was only completely stopped the power cut off.

Stop category 2: a controlled stop, the supply of power to drive machinery and equipment has been maintained.

The right to stop category selection must be based on the equipment carried on the basis of risk analysis, which prEN954-1: 1994 standard be specified.

All equipment must have a category 0 stop function to stop. Stop 1 and 2 stop function only in the machinery and equipment safety and functional requirements can be used when necessary.


3, the use of hand controls

In many high risk of machinery and equipment, such as forging equipment, punching equipment, will use hand control device. Hand control device is power-sensitive safety device, its role is when someone in the operating equipment, machinery and equipment to dangerous operation of a signal, forcing them to use both hands, which must stay? Place, so you can ensure safety.


4, a safe distance from solution

(1) available security door lock switch, power-sensitive photosensitive type security devices, hand controller to achieve.

(2) to protect the safety of machinery and equipment, in addition to safe and reliable protection components, but very dangerous for the equipment, but also its security control circuit to make certain requirements in order to improve the level of security protection, such as safety monitoring module.