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About the German GS certification instruction

GS is the meaning of German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (security certified), but also "Germany Safety" (German security) mean. GS certification to the German Product Safety Law, based on uniform standards in accordance with the EU or the German industrial standard DIN EN testing of a voluntary certification, the European market recognized safety certification mark in Germany.

GS certification mark

   GS mark, although not legally required, but has been widely recognized by consumers and businesses. German market, if the sale of goods does not meet the requirements of GS would be difficult to sell in Germany. So the GS mark is a powerful marketing tool, can enhance the confidence of customers desire to buy. While the GS is the German standard, but the vast majority of European countries agree, and certified products meet GS, it would also meet European CE certification requirements.

GS certification advantages:

1. GS product safety and quality as a reliable marker, the German and the European Union widely recognized by consumers

(2) reduce the manufacturers to maximize the quality of the product liability risk

3 Enhanced manufacturers in product quality, safety, comply with legal requirements in confidence

4 producers to consumers emphasis on product quality and safety obligations

5 manufacturers can ensure the end-user products with the GS mark by a third-party testing organizations test

6 In many cases, the GS logo affixed to the product, its quality and safety beyond the extent required by law

7. GS mark higher than the CE mark to get recognition, because the GS with a certain qualification certificate by the third-party testing agencies for

GS certification covers a range of consumer goods

1 household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc.

(2) household machinery

3 sports goods

4 consumer electronics devices, such as audio-visual equipment

5 Electrical and electronic office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, shredders, computers, printers, etc.

6 industrial machinery, laboratory measuring equipment

7 Other security-related products such as bicycles, helmets, ladder, furniture

Q & A (GS Certification FAQs)

1 Q: GS certification is valid for how long?

A: GS certification from the certification agencies for five years after the effective period for 1 year factory review; 5 years after the need to re-test the product to get the GS certification.

2 Q: GS certification take?

A: GS certification depends on the time required to apply for GS certification of products, generally speaking, need to apply for a GS certification for 1 to 2 months.


3 Q: GS certification requirements cost?

A: Usually the cost of certification by the GS product testing costs, factory audit fee, annual fee for the certificate, annual inspection fee structure. GS certification application for the product cost vary due to differences in application.

4 Q: GS and CE certification in Europe can be recognized, two-factor authentication What is the difference?

A:Certified properties

GS certification   Voluntary certification

CE certification   Compulsory Certification


Applicable laws and regulations

German safety regulations applicable to detect

The use of European standards for testing


Issuing agency

By the German government authorized an independent third party

GS Mark for testing and issuing certificates

The availability of a complete technical documentation (including test reports) under the premise of self-declared CE


Certificate of annual fee

Must pay annual fee

No annual fee payable


Factory Audit

Application and receive a certificate to be reviewed after the factory plant to be examined

No factory audit



GS certification five-year period expires, the product

Need to re-apply for re-test

One-time certification, no age limit


Market awareness

Units issued by an authorized testing the GS mark, credibility and market acceptance of high

Factory product line of self-declared

Report, credibility and market acceptance of lower


5 Q: GS certification may be revoked if?

A: GS certification can be revoked, the specific withdrawal as follows:

• GS certification mark affixed to products and applications for the product does not match the GS certification

• any action to deceive the issuing agencies

• testing found no product defect, but after the certified product defects exposed

• update the laws and regulations resulting in certified products can not meet the requirements of German law

• GS mark has been used to mislead consumers or illegal advertising

• Product retest the product is found defective or factory audit found problems

• malicious default behavior of non-payment of fees and certification bodies

6 Q: GS certified plant inspection requirements


6.1 Quality Management

6.1.1 whether there is independent of the production outside of the agency responsible for product quality management, the responsible person name?

6.1.2 is developed and implemented various types of personnel training programs, especially the key technology personnel training program?

How the staff appraisal system? -

6.1.3 Quality management personnel of the proportion of total production.

6.1.4 Product key processes without production records, product packaging or without number, and if not, the quality problem, such as

He found the product in question?

6.1.5 warehouse management, production operations personnel with or without the relevant aspects of the test: Raw Materials Production process Finished

6.1.6 Quality check whether, by whom is responsible?

6.1.7 Quality analysis of meetings is held regularly, in time quality, improve feedback from the work.

6.2 certified product lines

6.2.1 The availability of certified products, the production flow and quality control point map and expressly production system.

6.2.2 the production line, equipment and the amount of maintenance system and has no regular inspection system and its records.

6.2.3 whether the key production equipment, process equipment and test equipment, precision how to provide the relevant list.

6.3 raw materials, purchased parts, components

6.3.1 provide key pieces of the key materials of the directory.

6.3.2 describes how to ensure that raw materials, purchased parts, components of quality (with or without the preparation of parts and raw materials testing standards). Whether the recipients and custody system.

6.4 Measurement

6.4.1 whether the measurement of body?

6.4.2 metrology institutes of the scope of work, staff profiles (measured by whether the assessment by the department?)

6.4.3 If no measurement agency, please indicate which units are measured.

6.5 Factory Test body

6.5.1 lists the names and major test equipment manufacturers, with or without certification and valid certificate of authenticity (accuracy class) which can be tested.

6.5.2 Test Environment

6.6 technical documents and information

6.6.1 Products and product technical drawings, process documents.

6.6.2 certified products within the last six months of the test report.

6.6.3 within the past six months to identify the waste, the total percentage of each defective.

6.7 Technical Services

6.7.1 User reviews of records and how?

7 Q: GS certification to be submitted for information


1 application form

2 total agreement signed

3 Parts

Complete parts list I provided a standard format table

This list includes all parts of the product type, manufacturer, part numbers and related parameters (current, voltage, power, flame retardant grade, etc.).

For a safety-certified components, such as: power cords, plugs, switches, thermostats, security - risk management, etc., please provide copies of certification in Europe. And safety relevant parts, if not a safety certification, please provide the technical parameters, including product type, manufacturer, rated current, voltage, temperature, etc., in order to carry out random testing by us.

4 parts in contact with food (if any)

Please provide the authorities of the materials (plastics, coatings, etc.) issued by the license file or food hygiene inspection reports of food contact materials.

5. Nameplate

German, provided by our comp, screen printing or PVC sticker, affixed to the product designated area.

6 circuit

7 circuit board diagram

Please mark the actual size.

8 German manual

9 The final sample shape

2-4 / model (required by the Center to prepare)

10 explosion diagram (exploded view)

11 with the human body can be non-metallic materials in contact PAHs reported dermal DMF report provides