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New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC: major update

EU in June 9, 2006 enactment of the new machinery directive 2006/42/EC, the new directive will be after 29 December 2009 to enforce, this date is still using the old directive 98/37/EC. Relative to the 98/37/EC, the new directive in the range of products, the dividing line with other directives, market surveillance, conformity assessment procedures as well as basic health and safety requirements and other aspects of the new requirements.


Scope scope


 The scope of the new Machinery Directive has been extended, with the hoist building site construction-site hoists, ammunition, machinery and other fixed-driven impact mechanical cartridge-operated fixing and other impact machinery will be provided within the mandatory certification.


New Machinery Directive and Low Voltage Directive of the district boundaries will be further clarified, and the differences will no longer be under the "main risk", the new Machinery Directive lists six categories of electronic and electrical products covered by the Low Voltage Directive, and other machinery from low voltage directive covers electrical risk, but conformity assessment procedures and requirements of the market based on mechanical instruction.


Elevator command with the new directive more clearly the boundaries of which no more than 0.15 m vertical speed / s of the elevator no longer owned by the elevator command, but divided into machine instructions. Range of safety components to be clearly defined, Annex V of the 17 categories of safety components list.


Authentication mode to change the conformity assessment procedures


 With the 98/37/EC directive, extend the use of most of the ordinary machinery enterprises can select the authentication mode A, Appendix IV for the provisions in Annex IV of dangerous machinery, manufacturers have more authentication schemes to choose from.

- For products in Annex IV, factories and related harmonized standards fully meet the basic requirements of the premise, you can use A mode authentication.

- Factory can select the mode B (EC TYPE-EXAMINATION), or

- Model H (full quality assurance system)


The new directive also stipulates that EU member states the obligation to supervise the certification body, dereliction of duty if the agency can cancel or suspend its license.