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GS Certification
U.S.CPSC toy testing

CPSIA became U.S federal law on August 14th, 2008 and redefines the limits of toxic and harmful substances in toy products in a more stringent manner. Nowadays, those products sold in American market, must be certified by a their-party testing agency, or the seller would be heavily fined and termination of business.

CPSC toy testing items made available by SUNDE TEST include (not limit to):
* Lead content in toy/children products and coating materials/paint
* Highly asphyxiant widgets
* Rubber/ soothing nipple

 Testing item: 

    ■ Plush and cloth toy     ■ Chemical toy
    ■ Children bicycle     ■ Wooden toy
    ■ Plastic toy     ■ Electric-electronic toy
    ■ Children toy     ■ Ceramic toy
    ■ Clockwork toy     ■ Oil painting stick and watercolor pen, plasticine
    ■ Paper(board) toy     ■ Toy figurine and its clothing, intelligence toy, intelligence musical instrument

Toy testing items
    ■ Soluble heavy metal content testing(Lead Pb, cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, arsenic As, barium Ba, mercury Hg, selenium Se,antimony Sb etc)
    ■ Physical and mechanical capability testing
    ■ Flammability testing
    ■ Chemical properties testing
    ■ Poisonous element of package testing
    ■ Content of phthalates
    ■ Formaldehyde, plasticizer, azo
    ■ Plastic test, pigment test, accessory test
    ■ Total lead