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Pressure Equipment CE Mark
LED lamps CE certification requirements

   The main purpose of CE marking is a unified EU market, and on behalf of the entire EU market economy moving, before the implementation of the CE certification in Europe nearly 30 member countries have national standards, the product you want to enter the EU market in various countries, sales have to meet product requirements of each country. The successful implementation of CE certification, successful unified European market. CE Mark (CE Marking) is a 30 European countries, the product must carry a mandatory requirement of safety signs, such as its type, its enlarged graphics as shown in the middle top of this page. Letters "CE" is the French sentence "Conformité Européene" abbreviation. Its meaning is "in line with European (standard)." CE mark originally used by the English term for the "EC Mark", the term European Union signed in 1993, Directive 93/68/EEC the product number is the term officially "CE Marking" is replaced. Now, all EU official documents use the term "CE Marking". The term "CE Mark" is sometimes also see use, but not the official terminology. In the past, European countries on the import and sale of products require different standards based on a country-made goods to other countries is very likely not be listed as part of efforts to eliminate trade barriers, CE came into being.

CE certification application for the benefits of LED lights

● EU laws, regulations and harmonization of standards is not only quantity, but the content is very complex, designated agencies to help achieve the European Union is a not only saving time, effort, and reduces the risk of the wise;

● designated by the EU institutions to obtain the CE certificate, you can maximize access to consumer and market surveillance authorities of the trust;

● effective in preventing irresponsible accusations from happening;

● in the face of litigation, the EU CE certificate by designated agencies, will become legally binding technical evidence;

● Once the punishment has been the EU countries, certification bodies will be shared with business risk, thus reducing the risk of the enterprise.

LED lights certification process:

The first step: to apply Application

1 application form

(2) applicant information form

3 to provide product information

Step two: Price Quotation

According to information provided to determine the test criteria, test time and the corresponding costs

Step Three: Payment Pay

Applicants to verify pricing, sign the application form and filing service agreement and pay the full project costs.

Step Four: Testing Testing

Laboratory testing in accordance with relevant EU standards apply for the full range of products related to model differences in testing and test

Step Five: test, completion of the report

Step Six: the project is completed, a certificate issued by CE

Factory reserves the CE Test Report Product Type Test Reports

LED light CE certification:

For the European market, the European Commission pointed out that the lamps and similar products sold in Europe must affix the CE certification label (subject to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC)

EN 60598-1: lamps - Part 1: General requirements and tests

EN 60598-2-1: lamps - Part 2: Particular requirements for ordinary fixed lighting

EN 55015: Electrical lighting and similar equipment, the performance of radio interference limits and test methods

EN 61547: general lighting. EMC immunity requirements

EN 61000-3-2: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 3: Limits. Section 2: Harmonic current emission limits (equipment input current 16A / phase)

EN 61000-3-3: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 3-3: Limits. Public low-voltage power supply system voltage fluctuation and flicker limits (less than or equal to the rated current 16A devices)

LED light CE certification required information:

1.LED light product manual.

2.LED Light Technical conditions (standard or enterprise), the establishment of technical information.

3.LED light electrical schematic, circuit diagram, block diagram

4.LED light key component parts or raw materials list (please use the certification mark of the product in Europe).

5.LED light machine or component parts certified copy of the book.

6 other required information.