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China's medical equipment remains a large surplus in foreign trade
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Medical Devices in China during the first half of this year to maintain a large surplus of foreign trade, export growth was slightly lower than import growth by 2 percentage points, the yuan continues to appreciate the impact of export profits more and more apparent.
    According to Chinese customs data processing statistics, first half of 2011, China's medical equipment import and export volume reached $ 12.051 billion, an increase of 58.15%, of which exports $ 7,134,000,000, an increase of 57.34%; imports amounted to $ 4.917 billion, up growth of 59.34%.
    Overall, first half of 2011 China's medical equipment to maintain large foreign trade surpluses, export growth was slightly lower than import growth by 2 percentage points, the cumulative trade surplus amounted to $ 2.217 billion, but the trade surplus decreased compared with 2010 a $ 841 million.
    Exports: foreign investment and joint ventures accounted for half of the
    First half of 2011, the average monthly export volume of China's medical equipment was 11.89 billion U.S. dollars, the highest single-month export value reached $ 1.351 billion in June, growth of 4.41%. From the trade point of view, accounting for 56.59% of general trade, processing trade accounted for 38.12%, with little change over the same period in 2010.
    First half of 2011, Asia, Europe and North America is still the major export of China's medical device market, the corresponding exports were $ 2,292,000,000, $ 1,996,000,000 and $ 1,929,000,000, the total proportion of up to 87.14%. Exports to Asian markets rose 55.09%, of which the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area by the "zero tariff" impact on ASEAN exports continued to grow year on year up to 73.03%. Export markets in Europe and North America were up 56.77% and 55.57%. It is worth mentioning that the African market development and achieved good results, exports $ 308 million, an increase of 64.31%.
    United States, Japan and Germany is China's medical equipment exports are still the traditional top three national markets, the three first half of 2011 reached 42.27% market share.
    First half of 2011, there were 15,900 medical equipment export business, up 66.02%, exports to 206 countries and regions, exports accounted for the top 200 medical device companies 49.12% of total exports, the degree of concentration than the 2010 was increased 4.43 percentage points over the same period, the export is to promote the development of China's medical device industry, an important driving force. Although the medical device market continues to expand exports, but domestic manufacturers of medical equipment products are generally low-tech, competitive worrying, in the top 10 export enterprises, foreign investment and joint ventures, there are seven, from the look at the composition of export enterprises, foreign investment and joint ventures are the main force of domestic exports of medical equipment, accounting for half of the country.
    Imports: an increase of 58.46%
    First half of 2011, China's total from 90 countries and regions imported medical equipment. Europe is the largest importer of China's medical device market share reached 38.86%, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Britain and France and other European countries accounted for China's top ten trading partners, imports of medical equipment of six seats, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Mexico account for another four seats.
    First half of 2011, China's total 8332 imports of medical equipment business, an increase of 58.46%, which Medtronic Medical Appliance Technology Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Johnson & Johnson (Shanghai) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Kai Import & Export Co. company, Chongqing-based Import and Export Co., Ltd., Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China Building Materials Group Import and Export Corporation, Shanghai Dong Song International Trading Co., Ltd., China Medical Health Products Co., Ltd., St. Jude Medical ( Shanghai) Co., Ltd., shall Tang International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Medical Devices in China among the top 10 the amount of imports, the proportion of 12.54%.
    First half of 2011, China's imports of medical equipment amounted to $ 300 million in products there are four categories: "using optical radiation (ultraviolet, visible, infrared) and other instruments and devices", "color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus", "Other compensate for a defect , disability aids with appliances (including wear, carry or implanted in the body of the apparatus and parts) "," X-ray tomography instrument. " Products reached $ 200 million five categories: "Other instruments and apparatus", "other syringes, needles, catheters, intubation, and the like", "other medical or veterinary X-ray applications", "magnetic resonance imaging device" , "Using optical radiation (ultraviolet, visible, infrared) spectrometers, spectrophotometers and spectrographs." $ 100 million in six categories of products: "No. 9022 listed in the other equipment and parts (including the high-voltage generator, control panel and console, screen, etc.)", "Microscopes other than optical microscopes; diffraction equipment", "in Looking Glass, "" attached to the backing of the diagnostic or laboratory reagents, "" Eye with other instruments and apparatus "," Other artificial parts of the body. "

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