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Machinery CE: Interpretation of electrical safety standards EN60204-1/A1-2009
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Electrical machinery safety standard EN 60204-1 interpretation
 Machines in the electrical system should meet the EN60204-1 requirements do electrical safety design; This standard provides information on the machine electrical equipment requirements and recommendations to improve the safety of personnel and property sustained control response and easy maintenance.
 - All electrical components must meet the EN or IEC standards.
   For example: motors comply with IEC34-1, the limit switch must meet EN60947-4-1, transformers shall comply with EN60742 ... and so on.
 - Three-phase power marked L1, L2, L3, and ground wire must be added to marked PE, other related electrical components to be grounded, grounded in an independent and unified on the copper.
 - The power circuit, control circuit, transformer ... ... so there must be over-current protection (Overcurrent protection), in general is to fuse (Fuse) protection or no-fuse breaker (NFB).
 - Motor rated at more than 0.5KW of components must have overload protection (Overload protection).
 - General of the control circuit shall have transformer, unless the following conditions of electronic control system was not required to have the transformer: only a single motor power less than 3KW,
 Only a maximum of two external control components.
 - Man-machine interface (control panel), not less than 0.6 meters, and there must be dust and water IP54 level protection, ON switch is represented by 1, OFF switch with 0.
 - Control box must be at least open to 95 °, and have IP54 protection level, but only IP23 rating to the motor body.
 - Wiring practices should be a terminal one wire, AC, DC power circuit lines in black, AC control line in red, DC control lines in blue.
 - Motor subject to IEC34-1, and posted on the junction box lightning mark, and shall state the specifications with chrome license.
 - The technical documentation shall be complete, including installation diagrams, schematics, operating instructions, maintenance manuals, electrical components table.
 - Must have relevant test reports, such as: earth continuity test, insulation test, withstand voltage testing, electromagnetic interference testing child ... and so on.
Electrical safety (EN 60204-1) requests for a:
 To meet the requirements of the European body in order to obtain the CE mark must be in accordance with the provisions of Directive do mechanical ontological security and technical files. The machine in accordance with EN60204 electrical system should do the electrical safety design requirements; This standard provides information on the machinery and electronic equipment requirements and recommendations to improve the safety of personnel and property sustained control response and easy maintenance. In the standard (EN60204) requirements, manufacturers of electrical equipment should be with the degree of difficulty, to provide different data, to be listed below the basic needs of the electrical safety data.
First, the data to be supplied
 The data provided to the electrical equipment shall include:
(A) simple description of the equipment, installation and set up and connected to supply power to explain;
(B) Power requirements;
(C) the appropriate physical environment of the data (for example: description, vibration, noise levels, air pollution)
(D) the appropriate system diagram (block diagram);
(E) circuit diagram;
(F) appropriate the following data:
 - Program
 - Steps
 - The frequency of inspections
 - Functional test frequency and method
 - Adjustment, maintenance and repair guide, especially the protective devices and circuits
 - Special parts inventory table
(G) safety devices, interactive motor function, and protective action of the guard interlock dangerous, especially interactive, create a description of the method (including interconnected icon);
(H) When the main security is canceled (for example: manual program input, program verification, etc.), other security means and methods of description.
 Second, the requirements for all electrical file
All electrical file is required by IEC1082-1 ​​and the following requirements to prepare. Marking system shall be based on IEC750 project requirements.
For different file reference, supplier must choose one of the following methods:
 - Each file must be attached to the electrical equipment and all other files before and after comparison of the file number; or
 - All files must be on the surface or in the file directory, the list document number and name. Only in the file contains only a small number of files (eg: less than 5), only use the first method.
 Third, the basic information
 Technical file must contain at least the following files:
 - Electrical equipment of the normal operating conditions, including the expected power supply conditions, and, when necessary, also provide their physical environment data;
 - Handling, transportation and storage; and improper use. Such data or can be individual files or file as part of installation or operation to render.
 When necessary, these documents should contain information on current and peak load or start allowable pressure drop. These data should be included in the system or the circuit diagram.
 Fourth, the installation diagram
 Installation drawings must provide the basis for all the machine operations to set the required data. In complex situations, may need to refer to the detailed set up map.
  Site for installation in the supply of power cables, the proposed installation location, form and must be cleared at the basal area to mark.
 For cable installed in the power supply source of the current protection device of their choice type, characteristics, and rated current set of data required to be stated.
 To be provided by the user on the foundation of the catheter, its size, purpose, and location must be detailed. Between the machinery and related equipment to be supplied by the user of the catheter, the cable or cable bracket slot size, type and purpose must be detailed. To move the map must show that the electrical equipment or services needed space. Necessary through the provision of interconnected icons or table, or table this icon data from all external connections, if the electrical equipment was originally designed to be transformed on a different power supply, then these forms must indicate the icon or use the transformation how power should be modified or different interconnected.
Fifth, the system block diagram
If you need to make it easier to understand the operation principle, to provide the system map, which is a block diagram of electrical equipment used symbols to represent their functional inter-relationships, without having expressed all connected to each other. Function diagram or block diagram can be used as a part of or attached to the box on the map.
Six circuit
 Suppose a system diagram can not be fully detailed electrical equipment components, provide the circuit diagram. These plans must indicate the mechanical and electrical equipment related to the circuit, any does not belong to IEC617 graphic symbol must be on the map or otherwise marked on the relevant files and instructions. In all documents and mechanical parts and devices used symbols and labeling must be consistent.
Circuit required to plan according to IEC1082-1.
Functions when necessary to provide terminal connection diagram to show the interface terminal and control system functions.
This figure may share in order to simplify the circuit. Terminal Function Chart should be included with the detailed circuit diagram of each unit of cross-reference data. Circuit on the switch symbol should be in all public facilities such as electricity, air, water, oil) in the closed state and its electrical equipment and machinery in the case of the normal starting conditions to represent.
Conductor must be identified in accordance with the provisions.
Circuit to be in the maintenance and debugging in an easy to understand way that make it easier to understand its function. And control devices and components, the characteristics of function-related, if not clearly shown by the symbol, we should get close to the symbols on the map to illustrate the office or with the notes presented in a way.


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