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Construction paint CE certification: EN 12878 Standard
author:admin adddate:2011-08-03 from:SUNDE
Pigments for the colouring of building materials based on cement and / or Lime --- specification and methods of test BS EN 12878:2005 / AC: 2006
 Cement and lime-based paint requirements and test construction methods --- EN 12878:2005 / AC: 2006
 Pigment: Substance, generally in the form of fine particles, which is insoluble in the application medium and whose sole purpose is to colour cement-and / or lime-based building materials
 Pigments: the material, usually in the form of particles, not dissolved in the media application and its sole purpose is to cement and lime based building paint.
 European Commission requirement since January 1, 2007, where the construction market in the EU must paint for CE certification according to EN 12878 and CE marking affixed.
 Construction paint CE certification must be approved by the European Commission with the ability to specify the relevant qualifications Notified Body (Notified Body), 2 + according to system operation. The announcement by the EU institutions to the factory and factory production control checks and ongoing supervision and evaluation.
 According to EN12878, CE certification architectural paint product reference test as follows:
 1, Setting time (clotting time) EN 196-3
 2, Water soluble substances (water-soluble substances) EN ISO 787-3
 3, Soluble chloride (soluble chloride) EN ISO 787-13
 4, Loss on ignition (LOI)
 5, ...

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