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REACH EU Customs to carry out verification
author:admin adddate:2011-08-27 from:Network

According to the latest news, recently has been the practical implementation of REACH EU Customs registration number of the verification work, and a Chinese company in Greece late last month, the Customs can not provide the registration number because unfortunately sacked. Although the two companies export products oleic acid amide additives and alcohol ethoxylates are in the 1 - 10 ton range, but the absence of REACH registration number by the Greek customs cargo buckle up a week. This event is for the majority of domestic enterprises has sounded the alarm, smashing a lot of companies want to escape the REACH regulation has been lucky enough to dream.

Since the formal implementation of laws and regulations to reach a formal registration deadline, the EU on the increasing reach of law enforcement, from April 2009 ECHA launched the first joint law enforcement, recently conducted a wide range of supply chain monitoring and verification of SME to EU member states respond positively to the REACH regulation, reach of law enforcement supervision of this can not be ignored. However, due to the implementation of REACH is not long, some of the regulatory procedures of law enforcement measures is not perfect, so many companies on the REACH regulation had misunderstanding, that there is no need to deal with REACH, the EU official will not be effective for REACH regulatory, or Pre-registration done after the end of the story, but the fact that strict regulation is precisely the opposite point of view with these companies.

Before the Belgian Customs on the outgoing U.S. chemical export business registration certificate of pre-event, the European news media have reported in Italy, France, Germany, Finland and the customs documents random events in line with REACH. Last year, China will have two subsidiary companies of the Netherlands VROM is the Dutch law enforcement authorities to require pre-registration information and gives the appropriate evidence, and because of insufficient information given by the VROM and the prosecution. Although law enforcement in different countries vary, but almost all EU countries have enacted REACH penalties, including fines of up to 1.1 million euros in Belgium. In addition to administrative penalties, many countries have developed a number of provisions of criminal penalties, imprisonment from 2 years to 10 years, the strict regulation is evident. The EU has gradually formed a legislative decision by the European Commission, ECHA supervision regulation, the competent authorities of the Member States to implement specific regulatory system, and the major involvement of the Customs is becoming a more powerful law enforcement factors.

In June, the European Chemicals Agency ECHA is all for the EU REACH and CLP-line law enforcement staff opened the query entry RIPE, to facilitate law enforcement member of requests from corporate information submitted to ECHA, REACH and to promote the implementation of CLP. Therefore, not only whether a company should REACH regulations will be subject to regulation, even the company's (pre-) registration number is valid will also become the focus of EU regulation.

EU market for domestic enterprises, the importance of self-evident, while the EU REACH regulation as a wide range of chemicals, the most stringent regulations, need to attract the majority of domestic export enterprises attach great importance. Enterprises must not be kept without a positive response to chance, make the product into the stranded, returns, fines and other difficulties, and thus to trade long-term adverse effects.

Increasingly stringent regulations in the current REACH improve and standardize the situation, the company attaches great importance to the REACH Regulation only actively fulfill its responsibilities and obligations under the regulations, ready for REACH registration number of valid and relevant evidence, can be successfully verified by REACH, and of barriers to opportunity, seize the initiative on European trade.


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