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The European Union issued about two toy safety standards of the conference
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July 21, 2011, the EU published an official communique informed the European Commission, safety standards to mention two, one on the mechanical and physical properties of toys, while the other, and the flammability of toys.

Around the legal framework for the safety of toys, CE conformity marking is an important element. Toys in the European market, CE marking must be accompanied. To obtain this mark, and must pass through a thorough security assessment. At this stage, the two European standards are playing an important role.

Manufacturers have two ways to obtain the CE mark. First, the self-certification. If the manufacturer of the correct implementation of European standards, according to the Toy Safety Directive, can be assumed to be in line with the national authorities on the implementation of safety standards on risk, which is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way.

The second way is the third-party verification or certification that the manufacturer of the toys tested the sample sent to third-party professional organizations, if the agency believes that the toys comply with toy safety directive, will be awarded certification to prove product compliance. , The manufacturer may apply for and obtain the CE mark. High cost of this approach is also more complicated. Therefore, manufacturers tend to follow official journal of the European safety standards.

Toy Safety directive to fully understand the safety requirements within the framework, instructions to view the requirements set out in the Annexes, as well as European standards prescribed technical specifications, are indispensable. These standards can not be free of charge, the manufacturer must contact the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) member countries, pay a small fee to obtain the full text of these standards.

The EU has recently issued a notification referred to in the two standards, respectively, on the mechanical and physical properties of toys (EN 71-1:2011), and the flammability of toys (EN 71-2:2011). Flammable, the directive lists a number of requirements, CEN standards are further explained. Materials used on the toys directive stipulated a number of requirements:

Directly exposed to flame, sparks or other potential source of fire will not burn;

Not easy to catch fire;

If you do catch fire, burning speed must be slow;

Has been designed to slow down the combustion process by mechanical means.

Directive provides that the toy may contain potentially explosive substances or mixtures, to reduce the explosion risk.

The EN 71-1:2011, it illustrates mechanical and physical properties of toys requirements and test methods. The standard was June 8, 2011 issued, is the new version of EN 71-1:2005, also includes food, toys and toys attached to packaging requirements. In addition, the requirements on water toys has been extended to cover all inflatable toys, and has added a new detection method, which stitched-bit test.


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