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United States' Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act "into law amendments
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"Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008" amendment (HR 2715) on August 1 by the U.S. Congress passed, by a President Obama signed on August 12 into law. Amendment of the "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008" to make amendments to the content, although the House Energy and Commerce Committee over its commercial, manufacturing and trade subcommittee on May 12 by the draft reform of the moderate, but still includes a number of important amendments.

For example, the amendments will be implemented in products for children 12 years of age or limit the amount of 100ppm of lead new terms to the system is expected to replace the trace system. After the implementation of new legislation, the new lead standards will apply on or after August 14 products, existing inventory or goods on the shelves today are not affected. In the future if further tightening of standards for lead content, but also to the same principles.

In addition, the amendment entered into a "functional purpose" exemption clause. If the product contains ingredients with a functional goal lead, but the product does not cause human exposure to blood lead levels rise, even if the failure to meet the maximum lead content, but also exempted. In addition, the amendment also bicycles and other related products developed another upper limit of lead, and off-highway vehicles and the implementation of certain types of second-hand children's items exempt. Exempt from second-hand children's products, including charitable donations for children.

According to the amendment, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on October 11 to try to minimize third-party testing products to comply with the cost of compliance. On August 12, 2012, Consumer Product Safety Commission will be empowered to make third-party testing new or modified regulations to reduce compliance costs. In addition, the Committee also considered a number of small manufacturers to comply with third-party testing requirements, which face economic, administrative and other restrictions, so for them to develop another test requirements.

Other key amendments are as follows:

Phthalates: "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act," Article 108 was amended to only care for children's toys and plastic parts of the implementation of phthalate content of the current limits of 1000ppm. Consumer Product Safety Commission can reach parts of the phthalates ban exemption.

Tracking tags: Consumer Product Safety Commission to allow certain products or product categories, it is difficult to implement the labeling requirement exemption, and to develop additional labeling requirements.

Public Library: Amendment revised the "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act," the public library provision, in response to a number of areas of concern. For example, if the Consumer Product Safety Commission received notice that the information of a damage report were inaccurate, can be delayed in the public database released the report, but not more than 5 days. In addition, the Consumer Product Safety Commission shall be reported to find out more about product information, including product number, model number or photograph.

Third-party testing exemptions: amendments to exempt ordinary plain paper printed books and third-party testing requirements. In addition, bicycles can also remove the metal parts to accept third-party lead testing.

All-terrain vehicles: the amendment requires the Consumer Product Safety Commission on August 12, 2012, on all-terrain vehicle safety standard issued a final rule.


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