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U.S. Department of Energy announced a new domestic refrigerators federal energy efficiency standards
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August 26, 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced its final home refrigerator and freezer energy efficiency standards (PDF), 2014 will increase the efficiency of the refrigerator about 25%. Department of Energy and manufacturers, consumer groups and environmental organizations to achieve this new standard, the entire life cycle in the refrigerator for a typical consumer is expected to save more than $ 200 in electricity costs. With the new energy efficiency standards in the U.S. launch of the country and implementation until 2043 consumers are expected to save more than $ 21 billion in energy costs.
    New release of energy efficiency standards finalized by the U.S. Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), more than 25 refrigerator manufacturers, the United States some of the nation's leading consumer groups and environmental groups proposed consensus standards. New standards in the Federal Register (FR) take effect three years after publication, that is, around September 2014 to implement. The new standards require the maximum annual energy consumption limits as follows:
It is noteworthy that the final rule published in the energy efficiency indicators and September 27, 2010 NOPR released energy efficiency standards have a greater adjustment.
    "These standards reflect the manufacturers, consumer groups and environmental organizations consensus agreement on the establishment of more than three decades of knowledge and for American families to save hundreds of billions of dollars in federal energy efficiency standards for refrigerators based on." United States Energy Minister Zhu said, "The most significant is that even if the U.S. is increasing the size of the family refrigerator, more features, but the cost to buy a refrigerator down, and save every month for our electricity."
    American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) President Joseph M. McGuire said: "The Department of Energy today's action, the U.S. energy law requirements, is based on the interests of all parties to reach consensus on energy conservation, consumer choice, and manufacturers affect the balance and we appreciate the work of the U.S. Department of Energy, and continues to urge the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection (EPA) to carefully balance the mandatory energy efficiency standards and voluntary energy conservation programs such as Energy Star in the implementation process. "
    "The final rule, the home appliance manufacturers and energy efficiency advocates reached between the refrigerator and freezer for new energy efficiency standards by consensus agreement," U.S. Energy Efficiency in Industry Executive Chairman Steven Nadel said, "This agreement for the consumer by saving energy, to maximize cost effectiveness; while maintaining the impact of factory management level and we commend the Department of Energy issued the rules, and reached consensus. "
    New energy efficiency standards in the original refrigerator energy efficiency standards based on the old standard has been successful in reducing the refrigerator's energy use, while promoting design innovation and new features appear. Since the 1970s the standard since the enactment of the first refrigerator, household refrigerator energy use has been reduced by more than two-thirds, but at the same time, costs are down, increasing capacity of the refrigerator, and more than ever to provide increasingly more features.
    According to DOE analysis, the standard annual savings of electricity can power 3.4 million homes, equivalent to the number of Virginia families. The standard will also be reduced in 30 years, more than 340 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.
    This criteria is U.S. Department of Energy by increasing civil and commercial equipment and products, energy efficiency, designed to help American families save energy costs with part of the effort. The urging of the Obama administration, the Department of Energy has completed over 30 residential and commercial products of the new energy efficiency standards and revision, these new standards by 2030 is estimated to save consumers $ 300 billion cost.

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