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Machinery CE certification: the new standard ENISO13849-1 replacement EN954-1
author:admin adddate:2011-08-15 from:SUNDE

The European Union has announced the latest version of the Machinery Directive Act (2006-42/EC), this Act is the European Union under the new method developed by the health, safety, one of the fundamental laws, and now with the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, the new instruction in scope, the boundaries of law and other guidance, market supervision, safety components, conformity assessment procedures as well as basic health and safety requirements, etc. are some new requirements and significant changes.

The current Machinery Directive has been in the past 10 years to ensure that the European Economic Area (EEA) in the General mechanical safety and supply. A comprehensive amendment adopted in 2006, since December 29, 2009 onwards, 2006/42/EC Directive will replace the existing provisions.

Machinery Directive sets out the manufacturer must comply with the procedures and some basic health and safety requirements. Compliance with all relevant requirements of the CE mark printed on the machine before, that compliance with the Machinery Directive and all other relevant directives. The main important issues the new directive include:

• additional requirements must be based on risk assessment (alternative risk analysis), and archived. According to the document or ignore the ISO 14121 "Safety of machinery - Risk assessment" of all the requirements for risk assessment, the business will be not ready to be a risk.

• must provide a statement components (see 2006/42/EC Article 13 (c) and Appendix II).

• must provide components of the assembly instructions (see 2006/42/EC Article 13 (b) and Appendix VI), and technical documents (2006/42/EC Article 13 (a) and Appendix VII B section)

• have clear instructions and must give due consideration to the edge of crane issues.

• If the manufacturer of machinery for the mechanical Appendix IV and include all relevant essential requirements according to the same standard design (see 2006/42/EC Article 12 (3b) and Appendix VII of part or section 12 (3c) and Appendix X part ), the manufacturer can guarantee their own mechanical compliance.

• other machinery (other than machinery defined in Appendix IV) the manufacturer may choose a Notified Body for EC type examination or notice of agency approval of full quality assurance system.

In addition to amendments to the Machinery Directive, other criteria have also been improved. Important is the implementation of the latest version of the product standards.

Mechanical control systems replace the standard EN 954-1 EN ISO 13849-1

This year, EN ISO 13849-1 "Safety of machinery - safety control system components - Part 1: Design Principles" will completely replace the EN 954-1. The new standards reflect the use of electronic and programmable safety systems to ensure the functionality of the trend.

New standard was issued in November 2006. November 30, 2009 before the standard EN 954-1 and the three-year transition period to continue to effectively use. For the EN ISO 13849-1 is not mentioned in more complex structures, you must perform EN 62061 "Safety of machinery - Safety electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems functional safety."

In addition to the existing definition of validation to EN 954-1 category than, EN ISO 13849-1 for programmable electronic systems defines additional requirements and the introduction of performance in the following areas level (PL):

Hardware structural constraints, based on:


Diagnostic coverage

Common cause failure

Quantitative requirements that every security hardware reliability: MTTFD (the average risk-free time to failure) value

Quantitative requirements of hardware and software, based on: the case of failure behavior of the security features

Security Software

System failure

Environmental conditions

Required performance level of risk assessment results, grades from "a" (low risk) to "e" (high risk). Only if compliance with the appropriate quantitative and qualitative requirements in order to achieve the necessary performance level.

Additional requirements of the new important issues include:

• Suppliers must provide for their parts or MTTFD B10

• Each security function failure rate must be calculated in order to verify the performance level

• must meet the requirements of security software, and archive (if applicable).


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