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India GHS: 2011 hazardous substances classification, packaging and labeling regulations released the latest draft
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India's Ministry of Environment and Forests (Ministry of Environment and Forests) August 12 for a project entitled "2011 classification of hazardous substances, packaging and labeling regulations" (Hazardous Substances Classification, Packaging and Labelling Rules, 2011) of the draft legislation.
     Hazardous Substances Act regulate the operation key stakeholders responsibilities and obligations and inform the process classification label. In the bill, "harmful substances" means "any substance and preparations, has been scientifically determined can cause the human body, animals and plants, microorganisms, assets and environmental hazards of chemical, physical and chemical characteristics or because of special requirements on the disposal of the harm caused." Act details the explosive materials, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizers, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances and other dangerous goods, harmful substances in different categories.
     Under the bill, any activity involving hazardous substances to any person or organization must use the proper shipping name (shipping name), packaging and label match report for chemical hazard classification, and to provide for the transportation of chemicals and identification updates chemical safety data sheets (SDS). Bill also proposed to participate in dangerous goods handling, storage and transportation of individuals or units should be subject to appropriate regulatory authorities in India knowledge training.
     The bill requires that all "dangerous goods" must correspond to a composition with its hazard classification and compatible with UN number and shipping name. Involves the use of hazardous substances must ensure that individuals and organizations meet the emerging chemical packaging and labeling requirements prescribed only for material transport and supply and marketing. In other words, enterprises should be clearly harmful substances publicized product name information such as name, substance name, chemical name system; while publicity chemical identity information, such as CAS number. Product containers shall be marked on the gross weight or net weight, name and address of the manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or other material supplier information, emergency contact telephone number, emergency telephone required by the Hindi or English man 24 hours to respond.

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