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EU proposes to amend the regulations for particular nutritional use of food
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According to the British Food Safety Authority The European Commission is currently in the existing Directive 2009/39/EC on food for particular nutritional purposes (also known as "PARNUT" or the effect of food) to review the provisions, which the European Commission developed a the latest proposed regulations, new regulations amended the provisions of gluten claims.
 "PARNUT" food is produced by special groups to meet specific nutritional requirements of a particular type of food, the current definition of "PARNUT" foods include the following varieties:
 . Infant formula and follow-up formula
 The infant food and food for children under 3 years old
 . Patient-specific food
 . Gluten intolerant people food ("gluten free" and "containing a small amount of gluten.")
 . Diet food
 At present, EU member states to declare the company to other foods (such as lactose-free food)
 It is understood that new legislation would redefine the use of special nutritional food (food effect), may have more food regulation, informed way, mark a significant impact, the new regulations include:
 Only the scope of the new regulations include the following foods:
 Infant formula and follow-up formula
 Baby food and food for children under 3 years old
 Patient-specific food
 Abolished for people intolerant to gluten foods European Commission (EC) No 41/2009 and regulations (to be January 1, 2012 effective), gluten-free claims ("gluten free" and "containing a small amount of gluten." ) provisions in the "nutrition and health claims regulations" ((EC) No 1924/2006)
 Provide vitamins, minerals and other substances as well as a comprehensive list of these substances added to food under the proposed new regulations in a reasonable limit
 By the European Commission to introduce "PARNUT" food focused reporting and licensing system
 Integration of diet food, and other "PARNUT" food regulations with those of other food laws and regulations existing in harmony.

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