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National Standards Commission released the standard LED spotlights and downlights project
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July 29, 2011, the National Standard Committee released the "reflective self-ballasted LED light performance requirements," "reflective self-ballasted LED lamp performance testing methods", "LED Downlight performance requirements" and "LED Downlight Performance test methods "4 project standards. This marks the Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Union") issued in July 2010, the "LED lamp" and "reflective self-ballasted LED lighting products' technical specifications will be upgraded to national standards.

LED spotlights and downlights to guide the design, production and use, regulate and guide the application and development alliance in July 2010 released "LED lamp" and "reflective self-ballasted LED lighting products' technical specifications, its main technical content is 2010 National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries organized the "semiconductor lighting demonstration project" of the technical guidelines used.

To further promote the standardization of semiconductor lighting products in the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and the National Standards Commission under the coordination of the national standards committee decided to publish the league, "reflective self-ballasted LED lighting products" and "LED lamp" technology specification based on the development of national standards. June 28, 2011, Union more than 20 domestic testing agencies, research institutes reach of backbone enterprises of more than 30 representatives of the standard technical requirements, content, performance and test methods were developed such as whether the content of the discussion, and The meeting discussed the results related to the National Standards Commission for a report. Union "LED down light" project with the original National Standards Committee of the LED lights embedded standard differences, with the National Lighting Standards Committee of the communication, and ultimately determine the "reflective self-ballasted LED light performance requirements," "reflective Self-ballasted LED lamp performance testing methods "," LED Downlight performance requirements "and" LED downlight performance testing methods "four standards project. The "reflective self-ballasted LED light performance requirements" and "reflective self-ballasted LED light performance testing methods" drafted by the National Electric Light Source Quality Inspection Center (Beijing) and the Secretariat of the League --- Beijing Semiconductor Lighting Technology Promotion Center ; "LED Downlight performance requirements" and "LED downlight performance testing methods" drafted by the era of lighting for the Shanghai Electrical Appliance Testing Ltd. Standard of work will soon start discussions.

In order to regulate the development and application of semiconductor lighting devices product marketing, alliance from 2007 to the semiconductor lighting products formulation of technical specifications and standards form a coalition to promote the coordination of working groups coordinated to promote the development of semiconductor lighting standards work. Alliance will continue to drive semiconductor lighting technology research and development specifications, and further promote the standardization of semiconductor lighting, semiconductor lighting actively emerging industries of strategic technology innovation, application development and market applications provide continuous support services.


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