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Misuse abuse of the CE mark will be subject to heavy penalties
author:admin adddate:2011-08-15 from:SUNDE

It is understood that the EU has introduced 765/2008/EC and 768/2008/EC two to strict regulations under the CE Mark certification to ensure product safety. The most prominent focus of the new law is to strengthen market supervision and CE mark, specific measures include: strengthening the EU's customs ports of the eligibility of imported goods duty; regulations CE mark the product conformity assessment activities completed by the designated rating agencies, rating agencies authorized notification procedures for EU member states to provide just one assessment of each member institution, the notice of assessment is valid for the whole European region; requiring manufacturers, distributors, importers responsibility to refine the different modules of conformity assessment procedures . In addition, the new law also made the size of the CE mark tight requirements for the various components of the CE marking must have the same vertical dimension, shall not be less than 5 mm, regardless of the CE marking is reduced or enlarged, and the provisions of the original ratio There are subtle differences will be treated as misuse.

   In addition to the regulations of the specific measures to strengthen the domestic manufacturers and exporters should focus on interpretation of new regulations to convey two messages: First, new regulations for the misuse of the Member States to implement legal sanctions CE mark provides a legal basis. Second, the European Commission plans to register the CE mark to make the sign as a collective trademark, trade will become a member authorities form of market surveillance and legal protection of new tools. The two pieces of information means that the product does not meet the requirements of the CE marking, CE fonts are not using a circle-shaped letters, CE marking height of less than 5 mm, such as shape and size of errors in the past there are a lot of misuse and abuse, will be members of the severe legal action to stop the country. After the implementation of new regulations, customs procedures, licensing policy and market monitoring tools need to be in the January 1, 2010 ready.

   Under the current provisions in the EU market of industrial products, must be CE marked, shall not be on sale. Toy ce certification instruction (88/378/EEC), Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC, 2006/95/EC) and many other major EU directives have been required for the CE certification mark.

   The EU is China's major trading partners, according to Commerce Department statistics, three quarters of 2008 China's exports to the EU 27 Member States amounted to $ 220.47 billion, up 25.6% over the previous year. EU CE Mark as an important export permit, the EU failed to prevent imports of the most important and most basic one line of defense. This proposal related companies: One is to increase the sense of crisis, pro-active about the latest EU regulations and policies and trends, with particular attention to the relevant provisions of the CE mark to understand, and do advocacy work to employees, a comprehensive interpretation of new regulations to prevent abuse misuse of the CE mark. The second is to improve technical capabilities, continuous improvement process, adjustment of production patterns, in information gathering, management and production processes related to standard-setting and so much efforts to improve capacity to respond. Third, market-oriented R & D efforts, strong exports of high value-added, high-tech and export capability of the product. Fourth, awareness of environmental safety and production techniques leak turnover, large raw material to finished traceability and production process of health and safety, a small label on the CE mark to the product size and shape and other details are required to comply with CE certification called for effective steps to avoid export risks. Fifth, actively explore diversified markets, diversify the export risks.


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