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CE certification - electromagnetic compatibility testing services
author:admin adddate:2011-08-13 from:SUNDE

With the development of electrical and electronic technology, the increasing popularity of home appliances and electronic products, radio and television, telecommunications and computer networks become increasingly developed, increasingly complex electromagnetic environment and deterioration, making electrical and electronic products, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC and electromagnetic interference (EMI) electromagnetic anti-EMS) problems by governments and the growing importance of manufacturing enterprises. European government regulations, January 1, 1996, all electrical and electronic products must pass EMC certification, CE marking before the EC market. This widespread influence in the world, governments have taken measures to electrical and electronic products RMC mandatory performance management. According to the EU's Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC, all in the EU market of electrical and electronic products to other products in its foreign interference and influence immunity in strict compliance with EU legal requirements.

1 services (Service Items)

           Electromagnetic radiation interference (EMI) test / report
           Electromagnetic tolerance (EMS) test / report
           RF Test / report / application services
           Product certification services, access to national Accreditation
           (For ID recognition)
           PCB's EMC Layout advice and counseling
           EMC Professional Training
           Information on national legislation and EMC technology consulting
           SAR testing
           Broadcast reception class test

 (2) test capabilities

           Space radiation (Radiated Emission)
           Conducted interference (Conducted Emission)
           Power radiation (Power Clamp)
           Magnetic radiation (Magnetic Emission)
           Harmonic current (Harmonics Current)
           Voltage fluctuations and flicker (Flicker)
           Gurkha cracking sound (Clicks)
           Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
           Radiated Immunity (R / S)
           Electrical Fast Transient Burst (EFT / Burst)
           Surge (Surge)
           Conducted interference (C / S)
           Frequency magnetic field (M / S)
           Voltage drop / break (Dips / Interruptions)
           Harmonics, harmonic interference between the waves
 3 wireless product testing (Wireless Device Testing Service)

 Product Certification Services: wireless transceivers, security devices, remote control, radio, wireless network devices, video transmission system, Bluetooth, wireless keyboard / mouse.

 4 Communications Test (Telecommunication Testing Service)

   U.S. FCC Part 68 (USA FCC Part 68)
   Japan JATE (Japan JATE)
   EU TBR 21,38 (EU TBR 21, 38)
   Canadian IC CS-03 (CANADA IC CS-03)
   National communications regulations (National telecommunication regulation)

 Product Services:
 Telephone, wired telephone Cordless Telephone, fax, telephone recorder, modem, data communication adapter cards and other products


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