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Industrial Machinery CE certification
author:admin adddate:2011-08-10 from:SUNDE

As the machinery required to paste the CE mark can only exports to the EU, so EU CE certification mark of the implementation will directly affect the company's European sales performance. How to legally obtain the CE mark is an imperative in terms of your company's problems, the company hopes to help make your company can legally obtain CE certification as soon as possible safety signs to ensure and expand your company's products in Europe.
For some of the mechanical safety of consumer products is a major issue of concern to protect human, animal, and property from damage in the world, especially in the growing European market more and more attention. For those who want the European Union (EU) in sales of its products, machinery manufacturers, to apply the CE mark certification is used to describe their products according to their type and nature of use by the requirements of the test. In order to obtain the CE mark, a company that he might take a lot of time, manpower, money and effort to understand the corresponding requirements to make their products meet the requirements of the basic mechanical laws and regulations in the health and safety requirements. 

SUNDE detection can simplify the process, saving you time, money and manpower, and improve your confidence, so that legitimate the CE certification process for the first time to complete. For the EU Machinery Directive and Low Voltage Directive, SUNDE testing agency as an EU official announcement (Notified body) of the authorized representatives, have experts to guide you through this process more effectively. SUNDE testing with its customers to provide detailed requirements of the Machinery Directive and make you understand how to apply them to your products. Next, we will test your product in order to meet basic health and safety points. Once completed, if your product meets the basic requirements, the technical structure of your document will be edited, CE certification mark also formally apply. SUNDE detection experts with the identification and support, access to markets and will have a guarantee.

Rather, what is the EU Machinery Directive? Definition, the Machinery Directive (Machinery Directive) (89/392/EEC) for institutions, mobile machinery, plant, used to enhance the transport of people and machines, and security accessories. Regulations in the provision of basic health and safety requirements (EHSR) covering the whole field of mechanical engineering is an extremely important aspect of industrial society.
Mechanical laws and regulations for the following products:

* Ring connected components
* At least one moving part
* Regulator, control and main circuit
* Materials, manufacturing processes, processing, handling and packaging
* Joint operation of several mechanical
* Interchangeable equipment
* Low Voltage Directive does not involve harm to
* Not covered by other instructions

Requirements for the Machinery Directive in Appendix Ⅳ attributable to the machinery and safety components, CE type certification body must do the test. This directory is limited and includes all instructions associated with this type of all products:
* Saw, Sawing
* For manual feed wood surface planer
* Used to trim the plane trigger unilateral
* Band saw
* Combined Woodworking Machine
* Manual mortising machine
* Manual molding machine vertical axis
* Will be co-type chain saw
* Stamping bed, including the pressure off the cold metal
* Molds for plastics and rubber
* Machines for underground work: for the tracks on the machine, hydraulic power lift, internal combustion engine
* Compressed body with a manual loader household waste
* Protective equipment and the detachable drive shaft with universal joints
* Car lifting equipment
* Used to improve people's equipment and with a fall from 3 meters above the risk
* The machine used in the manufacture of pyrotechnics
Safety Components:
* Inductor (non-contact sex should be protection, shielding, electromagnetic probes, grating, etc.)
* Hands / double control operation unit
* Automatic movable screens
* Anti-rollover protection
* Protection against falling objects
CE product safety certification mark major steps
(1) design products that meet the requirements of the relevant product safety standards
(2) the establishment of technical documents (TCF) (that is, confirm that the product has met the CE certification of the relevant directives of the basic safety requirements, and display specific information)
(3) the implementation of quality assurance system
(4) The approval of the validation or verification bodies to implement self-declaration signed Declaration of Conformity (certain products approved by the certification bodies approved before the CE certification mark attached) (5) attached to the CE certification marking.

The company's industrial machinery CE certification services
1, the standard explanation of the relevant Product Safety Directive, assessment instructions and applicable product safety standards, and explain the relevant directives and standards for product safety requirements.
2, inspection and product safety standards proposed amendment in accordance with relevant directives (machinery directive, etc.) basic health and safety requirements and safety standards for the actual check-related products, your company's products and propose amendments, and the results written audit report;
3, the product risk assessment and response report, according to EN1050 Write risk assessment and response reports;
4, edited to help identify and technical information products: machinery all drawings, specifications sheet, the mechanical structure diagram, safety devices, marked maps, schematics and electrical components of the table, oil / air pressure maps and oil / air pressure components table, operating manuals, etc. ;
5, the implementation of relevant tests on the factory floor: structural inspection of machinery safety, electrical safety testing, noise testing and other projects;
6, confirm the validation sample, encouraging firms to prepare in accordance with the requirements of the standard validation sample, and confirm the validation sample of conformity.
7, CE security technology file (TCF) of editing and writing content includes: functions and characteristics of the product description, product comparison shows the difference, describe quality assurance systems, CE declaration of conformity, described in the applicable directives and standards, basic health Machinery Directive check compliance with safety requirements, report, risk assessment and countermeasure product report, the relevant product safety standards compliance audit report, the relevant safety standards, test reports, noise test report;
8, to help establish the correct, complete the CE Declaration of Conformity;
9, confirm the lack of validation personnel and verify that the product mentioned in the correction direction;
10, confirm the correct status of the product;
11, certification bodies audit status tracking;
12, on behalf of the audit to track the status of certification bodies;
13, the product obtained through the verification and certification;
14, other services (optional):
Technical drawings, warning signs on behalf of the system, translation services technical drawings, specifications preparation, operation and maintenance manual preparation, manual preparation of translation services, translation services, operation and maintenance manual preparation, the relevant standard English translation (in English translation).


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