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Exports to the EU Food Information marked "into town" to "follow the crowd."
author:admin adddate:2011-08-11 from:Network
Recently, the EU rules on the EU to agree a new food labeling, pending the European Parliament plenary session vote and the European Union Committee. Compared with the existing provisions, the new regulations is more easy to understand food labels, consumers will have more food and more comprehensive information to help consumers make informed shopping decisions, and appropriate food manufacturers to reduce the disproportionate burden of . It is noteworthy that the new regulatory requirements for the calories and nutrients the content must be marked, and the standard of food labeling is that it is recommended label content requirements, while new regulations on the origin of the mark also made clear more stringent requirements, our company and related departments should be concerned about.
     New regulation stipulates that all food sold in Europe in the future must be marked heat, salt, sugar, protein, carbohydrates, fat, saturated fat content of these types of nutrients; manufacturers may voluntarily label heat, salt, sugar, protein and fat "recommended daily intake"; name of the food, ingredients, best before period, consumption of specific conditions and other information from the previous mark of mandatory labeling becomes optional; alcoholic beverages and fruit juice ingredients to add "low alcohol drinks" do not have nutrition labels composition; for the meat of the more stringent rules of origin, in the implementation of new regulations within two years, European sales of pork, poultry, lamb and goat meat food to be labeled origin.
     Inspection and quarantine authorities recommend a careful reading of the new regulations related to business, to take effective measures to ensure food exports to the EU information marked "do as the Romans" to maximize the label to avoid problems caused by trade frictions. First, the label must be comprehensive and must be marked on the new regulation stipulates that the project should be standard should be marked to make; second is to accurately mark the relevant data should be recognized by authorities to ensure that data is marked true, accurate, credible; third of the voluntary label and choose standard, it should be a comprehensive consideration of market demand, consumers and businesses will cost and other factors, adopt a flexible manner.

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