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Russia canceled all EU countries ban the import of vegetables
author:admin adddate:2011-08-10 from:Network
According to the EU official website, the European Commission Health and Consumer Policy Committee John. Daly, today announced that Russia will abolish from 9 to 27 for all EU countries ban imports of fresh vegetables.
     It is understood that, in view of the German epidemiological studies have shown that E. coli outbreak has ended, the European Commission issued a lift of the EU to the Russian national security authentication requests vegetables, Russia finally agreed to the removal of from 9 to 27 from all EU countries ban imports of fresh vegetables.
     John Daly, welcomed the Russian authorities to cancel the European Union decision to ban imports of vegetables, the decision to perform a Russian-European parties on June 10 reached a political agreement, interpretation of the June 22 Russia's specific implementation. Russia and the EU agreement, if there are no new cases of E. coli outbreaks appear, then Russia will resume the EU vegetable imports. According to reports, the last outbreak of E. coli infection appear together on July 27.
     It is understood that Russia, on June 2 for all EU countries since issued a ban on the import of vegetables. The European Commission considers that this ban is too large, and the E. coli outbreak does not match the potential level of risk, and no scientific basis. Russia and Europe this June 10, the two sides reached a high-level political agreement, security certification with vegetables instead of an import ban, both Russia and the EU on 22 June on the specific vegetable safety certification system implementation agreement.

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