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The EU informed household tumble dryer ErP identified ecological design and energy bill
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July 20, 2011, the European Union to the WTO Secretariat released the first G/TBT/N/EEC/385 and G/TBT/N/EEC/386 No. WTO / TBT Notification, reporting tumble dryer ErP ecological design and energy identifies the implementation of the Bill.
1. G/TBT/N/EEC/385
    Bulletin of the Bill (PDF) provides ErP Directive (2009/125/EC) under the dryer drum home eco-design requirements, including minimum energy performance, setting efficiency and information requirements.
    Eco-design requirements are divided into general requirements and specific eco-design eco-design requirements. General eco-design requirement states that the "standard cotton program," and product specification requirements. Special eco-design requirements that:
1 year after commencement of the Ordinance from the beginning: EEI <85, condensation efficiency ³ 60%;
5 years after the commencement of the Ordinance from the start: EEI <76, condensation efficiency ³ 70%.
    Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) and the condensation efficiency is calculated in Appendix II of the Bill's provisions.
2. G/TBT/N/EEC/386
    Bulletin of the Bill (PDF) provides a new energy logo Framework Directive (2010/30/EU) home electricity and gas under the drum dryer energy labels and product information requirements. Tumble dryers energy logo as shown below, is divided into the exhaust-type (Air-Vented), condensing, gas-type three. Energy logo gives the supplier name or trademark, model number, energy efficiency, condensation efficiency rating, the annual power consumption, the type of dryer, the standard cycle time, rated capacity, the noise value and other information.

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