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Building Materials Directive CPD-carpet-EN14041 CE Certification
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>> Carpet CE certification - the products need to comply with directives and harmonized standards
 A. Products Directive: the Construction Products Directive (CPD-Construction Product Directive) - 89/106/EEC
 B. Harmonized European standards:
 - EN 14041: Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Essential characteristics
 - EN 14041: resilient flooring, carpet and textile flooring - basic properties


 >> Carpet CE certification - performance requirements
 CE marking to Carpet - EN 14041 - Requirement
 > Reaction to fire performance of fire: according to EN 13501-1 for determination of assessment, the minimum requirements for Class E
 > Content of pentachlorophenol pentachlorophenol content
 > Emission of formaldehyde release of formaldehyde: evaluation according to EN 717-1 was determined to require E1 level
 > Thermal conductivity if necessary thermal conductivity (For)
 > Electrical resistance if necessary resistive (For)


 >> Carpet CE certification - certification process:
 1, determine the type of certified products, submit an application
 2, determine the European product directives, the carpet is building products, subject to the Construction Products Directive CPD 89/106/EEC
 3, to determine the harmonized European standards, the carpet must meet the standards EN 14041
 4, according to the CPD directives and harmonized standards EN 14041 for testing and evaluation, the EU notified body under the system of 3 to
 5, the announcement by the EU agency approach to obtain the test report and certificate
 6, issued Declaration of Conformity (Declaration of Conformity)
 7, the CE mark affixed on the product packaging (system 3 according to)
 8, freely sold in the European market


 >> Harmonized standard EN 14041 covers a range of products:
 > Laminate Flooring
 > Textile floor material (carpet)
 > Resilient flooring
 > Vinyl floor
 > Rubber Flooring
 > Etc.


 >> Carpet CE certification - the relevant reference
 EN 717-1: the release of formaldehyde
 EN 13501-1: determine the fire rating of construction materials
 EN 9239-1: the floor of the combustion test
 EN 11925-1: Testing of the combustion reaction - by the fire, the combustion characteristics of building materials
 EN 6356: Textile floor material (carpet) - static performance evaluation
 EN 10965: Textile floor material (carpet) - Determination of resistance performance


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