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CE certification - the noise requirements of Directive 2000/14/EC injunction
author:admin adddate:2011-08-02 from:SUNDE

October 29, 2010, the EU held in Brussels on the theme "Towards a greater awareness of low-noise outdoor machinery" of the noise seminars to increase awareness of environmental noise protection, the development of low noise machinery market, attended by EU governments representatives and experts agree the noise for noise Directive the provisions of Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 of the 57 products, must fully meet the requirements of the noise directive, it can be put into the EU market and use.

Response to the European Union's strong appeal, Suntech remind the Chinese of this 57 products manufacturers and exporters to seriously study the relevant provisions of the noise directive to strengthen the increase in research to reduce noise emissions, noise and timely application for certification instructions.

EU noise directive class of 57 requirements for outdoor machinery noise pasted signs, and one of the 22 categories of set noise limits. Instructions listed in Chapter 13 as long as 35 products tested according to European standards and paste the noise marker, did not set noise limits; Chapter 12, listed 22 categories of products set the maximum noise emission values, noise certification bodies need to apply for EU certificate issued by the noise.

For noise directive did not apply the CE mark and paste mechanical products, as soon as possible to add commands to apply the noise certification. New applications need to apply for 22 categories of products and mechanical noise directive instruction certification, or a separate EU Directive will not apply mechanical CE certificate issued by the EU Customs will also have 22 categories of products to enhance the noise directive certificate examination.

Suntech currently has invited European experts in the many domestic manufacturers of construction machinery noise testing and certification to carry out the work, to remind the majority of production companies to seize noise-related application instructions, to prevent the export of a significant impact on business.

Noise Directive 22 categories listed in Chapter 12 Noise Compulsory Certification Equipment List:

● construction of cargo winches (combustion engine starting drive) Builders' hoists for the transport of goods (combustion-engine driven)

● compaction machines (only vibrating and non vibrating roller compactor, vibrating plate tamper and vibration)

Compaction machines (only vibrating and non-vibrating rollers, vibratory plates, and vibratory rammers)

● Compressors (<350kw)

Compressors (<350kW)

● Hand-held concrete brakes and ho

Concrete-breakers and picks, hand-held

● Construction winches (combustion engine from the drive)

Construction winches (combustion-engine driven)

● Bulldozer (<500kw)

Dozers (<500kW)

● tipping truck (<500kw)

Dumpers (<500kW)

● hydraulic or rope excavator (<500kw)

Excavators, hydraulic or rope-operated (<500kW)

● Backhoe Loader (<500kw)

Excavator-loaders (<500kW)

● grader (<500kw)

Graders (<500kW)

● Hydraulic Power

Hydraulic power packs

● type with bucket load of landfill compaction device (<500kw)

Landfill compactors, loader-type with bucket (<500kW)

● mower (excluding agricultural or forestry equipment, multi-function devices, and installed power of more than 20kw main motor transmission parts)

Lawnmowers (excluding agricultural and forestry equipment, and multi-purpose devices, the main motorised component of which has an installed power of more than 20kW)

● lawn trimmers / lawn edge cutting device

Lawn trimmers / lawn edge trimmers

● internal combustion engine, the balanced-type lift truck driver - forklift (rated no more than 10 tonnes of other balanced lift trucks excluded)

Lift trucks, combustion-engine driven, counterbalanced (excluding other counterbalanced lift trucks with a rated capacity of not more than 10 tonnes)

● Loader (<500kw)

Loaders (<500kW)

● mobile crane

Mobile cranes

● power tiller (<3kw)

Motor hoes (<3kW)

● road repair device (model equipped with high-pressure real repair devices inside except) Paver-finishers (excluding paver-finishers equipped with a high-compaction screed)

● Power generators (<400kw)

Power generators (<400kW)

● tower crane

Tower cranes

● welding generator

Welding generators


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