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Congratulations to Sunde new website built and put into trial operation
author:admin adddate:2011-08-01 from:SUNDE

    After about half a year of planning and design, Sunde new website on August 1, 2011 put into trial operation, Sunde's new website will be the new face, new features to show in front of our customers, hope our customers for new site many constructive comments and suggestions; Here, we express our sincere thanks.

Our advantages
Technical advantages: We have the certification authority in the industry over expert consultants; the certification of large companies responsible for more than ten years and worked in the foreign certification bodies decade team of technical experts; are highly educated and experienced team of engineers; the Standardization group.
Time advantage: We have experienced engineers to provide you with strong technical support, a formal application before certification of the assessment team from the product testing and evaluation, effective way to avoid re-test costs, shorten the certification period; we have and certification authority of the preferred channels of cooperation .
One-stop service:
Efficient certification services: certification authority + professional guidance.
Pre-testing services: co-laboratory we can provide you with FCC, CE, 3C, E-mark, environment, reliability, detection of harmful substances such as RoHS testing services.
Response services: We have team of experts have extensive experience in product design and product testing. Can provide:
1) PCB LAYOUT high frequency circuit design, PCB layout optimization using simulation, the lowest cost to solve the most complex EMC problems
2) analysis of the reasonableness of the product circuit
3) According to the electrical characteristics for you to choose the best components EMC
4) analysis of product structure, grounding problems, the most simple way to solve EMC problems.

The services we provide:
Product safety testing, certification application for the certification services
Electromagnetic compatibility testing, certification and reliability testing rectification
Hazardous substances in electrical and electronic test equipment (RoHS); automotive testing services (ISO7637-2 / 3, ISO11452-2 / 4, 2009/19/EC, ECE R10.3)
Radio RF testing and certification (FCC ID / DOC, Notified Body CE-mark)
Range of products covered
Electronic toys lamps Power Tools
Home Appliances Communication Products lithium battery
Audio and video communication products Wireless Products
Automotive electronics leisure and sports equipment, accessories (plugs, switches, couplers, etc.)


Sunde Testing Thank you for your support! If you have any of our services, comments, or suggestions and we need support, you can call Sunde unified national service hotline: 0571-88028832, you get fast and convenient service.