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The model CE certified
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Currently, the EU approved the use of CE marking has the following eight kinds of patterns:
(A) the plant self-control and certification.
Module A (internal production control):
1. For simple, high-volume, non-hazardous products, only to apply European standards for manufacturers.
2. Factory for qualified self-assessment, self-declaration.
3. Technical documents submitted to state institutions than ten years, on this basis, can review and inspection to determine whether the product complies with Directive, producers and even to provide product design, production and assembly process for inspection.
4. Do not need to declare its production process to ensure that products can consistently meet the requirements.
Module Ab:
1. Manufacturer fails to European standards.
2. Testing agency for special parts of the product random testing.

(B) be reviewed by the testing agency.
Module B (EC type assessment):
Plant samples and technical documents to send to the selected testing agency for its review, the test certificate issued by the agency.
Note: Only CE-B is insufficient to constitute use.
Module C (with type [sample] line) + B:
Factory for Declaration of Conformity (consistent with the certified type), the statement than ten years.
Module D (production process quality control) + B:
This model concern the production process and final product control, factory testing agency in accordance with the approved methods (quality system, EN29003) for production, on the basis of this statement in its product line with the Certification Type (Declaration of Conformity).
Module E (product quality control) + B:
This model is concerned only with the final product control (EN29003), the other with Module D.
Module F (product testing) + B:
Factory to ensure that its production process to ensure products meet the requirements for declaration of conformity. Recognized testing organization through the entire inspection or spot checks to verify the conformity of the product. Testing issues certificates.
Module G (one by one test):
Factory statement complies with Directive requirements, submit to the testing agency technical parameters of products, product testing agency to inspect the certificates.
Module H (comprehensive quality control):
This model concern the design, production process and final product control (EN29001). Rest with Module D + Module E. Among them, the model F + B, G model risk is particularly high for the product.

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