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Beverage Association of Canada: the energy drink is defined as "drinks with stimulants," does not meet the interests of consumers
author:admin adddate:2011-09-27 from:Network

According to the Web site reported that foreign food category, Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) said recently, Health Canada recommended that energy drink is defined as "beverages containing stimulants" is not consistent with the interests of consumers.

 It is understood that in 2010, Health Canada recommended in a report, "Red Bull", "Monster" energy drinks such as the name should be one of the "doping" to highlight the ingredients, and these energy drinks need a drug regulatory cases for sale.

 Health Canada said the move consumers to buy energy drinks in the time to remind them of these drinks are "non-food products containing drugs," which can effectively protect consumers, especially to protect those in the convenience store to buy drinks containing caffeine young people.

 Canadian Beverage Association said the association supports all built on the scientific basis of food and beverage regulations, but these regulations in the development process, need to be a detailed scientific analysis and risk assessment, and have adequate drug analysis data as support for the proposal in terms of energy drinks, Health Canada expert conclusions based on flawed and unreasonable risk assessment data on top of speculation, the group's proposal is completely untenable in science, from the conclusion is unreasonable, these proposals are also the world's 160 countries with the relevant policies of contrary, these countries include EU, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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