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The European Union issued a consumer warning in domestic floodlights
author:admin adddate:2011-09-27 from:Network

September 23, 2011, the European Commission rapid alert system for non-food made ​​in China, issued a consumer warning floodlights. The case of the notifying State to Finland. The notification of the floodlights of the style / model numbers for the FL-105, bar code encoded as 6405422745715.

 The product poses a fire hazard, because: (1) close to the bulb surface temperature of the equipment may be as high as 188 ° C, while the EU limit of the maximum temperature of 90 ° C; (2) close to the mirror problem of the internal wires may be as high 365 ° C, while the EU the maximum temperature limit of 180 ° C. The product does not comply with the EU Low Voltage Directive and the relevant EU standards EN90589.

 At present, Finland has ordered authorities to take measures to recall the product.


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