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Union Electric announced a new CE certified toy safety standards EN 62115:2005 / A2: 2011
author:admin adddate:2011-09-09 from:SUNDE

August 11, 2011, the EU official journal on two electric toy safety standards in the region, namely, EN 62115:2005 and its revised version of EN 62115:2005 / A2: 2011, are based on the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48 / EC to implement the new standards.

Electrical safety standards by the new regulation of toys, at least one function is dependent on electric operation. The need for electricity to support the secondary function of the toy, such as internal dollhouse with lights, but also by the standards of regulation.

Instruction itself the power characteristics of the toy to make specific provisions. According to instructions, toys sold in the EU and toy parts:

• Do not exceed 24 volts from the nominal voltage DC power supply or equivalent AC power drive;
* Must have proper insulation and mechanical protection to guard against the risk of electric shock;
* To ensure that directly reach the surface of the maximum temperature does not cause burns; and
* Should not by the laser beam, light-emitting diode (LED) or any other radiation cause eye or skin injury risk.


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