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Decorative electric robot CE certification - standard EN50410 Notes
author:admin adddate:2011-09-08 from:SUNDE
A new electric decorative robots specifically for the European safety standard EN 50410:2008 earlier this year issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission CENELEC. Prior to this there is no European standards for such products. The standard will begin in December 2010 to enforce.
 This standard will be used together with the following standards: EN 60335-1, electrical appliances and related products - Safety - Part I: General requirements. The EN 60335 standard is seen as the second part, add to or modify the entries related to EN 60335-1, which is converted to the European standard EN 50410:2008.
 Definition - electric decorative robots:
 There are powered by electricity moving parts of robots, but not to functional or practical use for the purpose. Can be expressed as a model, person or animal (real or fictional), for example, features a singing and dancing Santa Claus decoration.
 The standard range:
 The standard specifically for home decoration or similar electric robot safety requirements, including children interested in the use of products and seasonal products. Shall not exceed the rated voltage 250V
 For the purpose of entertainment robots should be considered as a toy, the applicable standard shall be EN 62115. The standard for all toys for children under the age of 14. These toys should be the battery, transformer or double drive. Rated voltage should not exceed 24V. .
 The standard does not apply to the functional purpose of the robot, the robot can be designed for the purpose of practical use, it should be other applicable standards EN 60335 series of standards.
 Robots should be second-class electric decorative products or product categories, driven by a battery or transformer. IP rating for outdoor use should be at least IPX4.

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