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CE certified LED lighting to detect and process articles
author:admin adddate:2011-09-08 from:SUNDE
A, LED lamps CE certification testing Introduction

LED lamps CE certification test items (lighting products are the same standard) test point in the following five main areas: EMC-EN55015, EMC-EN61547, LVD-EN60598, with a rectifier if it is generally done LVD EN61347, EN61000-3 -2/-3 (test harmonic).

CE is the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) + LVD (Low Voltage Directive) composition. EMC also includes EMI (interference) + EMC (interference), LVD SAFETY popular in terms of security is generally less than the low-voltage products AC 50V, DC 75V less than the LVD can not do the project. Low-voltage products tested on only EMC, the CE-EMC certificate, and high-voltage products need to test EMC LVD, the two certificates and report CE-EMC CE-LVD.

EMC (battery compatible) - EMC test standards (EN55015, EN61547), test items include the following aspects: 1.radiation radiation 2.conduction conduction 3.SD static 4.CS conducted immunity 5.RS Radiated Immunity 6. EFT pulse.

LVD (Low Voltage Directive)-LVD test standard (EN60598), test items include the following aspects: 1. Fault (test) 2 hit 3 Shock 4 Shock 5 clearance 6. Creepage distance 7. Shock 8. fever 9. Overload 10. temperature rise test.

CE marking is not a quality mark, which is a representative of the product has met European safety / health / environmental / health standards and directives of the series mark all products sold in the EU must be marked with the CE mark mandatory.

Second, the application for CE certification testing LED lamps need

LED lamps CE certification testing products for countries to trade in the European market provides a unified technical specification, simplify trade procedures. Product of any country to enter the European Union, European Free Trade Area must be CE certification, CE marking on the product. CE certification is therefore the product into the European Union and European Free Trade Area countries, the market permits. CE certification that the product has reached the required safety requirements of EU directives; is a commitment to business to consumer, increasing the level of consumer confidence in the products; CE marked products will be sold in the European market to reduce the risk of Special Note, CE certification notice must be authorized in the EU institution. These risks include:

* Detained by Customs and the investigation of the risks;

* Investigate the market risk oversight bodies;

* Peers for competitive purposes by allegations of risk.

Third, the application for CE certification testing LED lighting program

* Make an application by the enterprise;

* The two sides reached an agreement;

* Enterprises to provide test samples and technical documentation;

• Carry out sample testing and technical document review;

• EU Notified Body CE certificate issued;

* By the company on the product attached CE mark.

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