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EU punitive tariffs on Chinese tile
author:admin adddate:2011-09-22 from:Network
September 15, the EU decided to impose a Chinese-made tiles punitive tariffs to protect European manufacturers from price competition of Chinese exporters. The EU said the move to offset the illegal dumping of Chinese negative impact.
     According to Reuters, China's bathroom, kitchen tiles and floor tiles, on entering the EU will face 26.3% to 69.7% of anti-dumping duties. Anti-dumping duties will remain five years, and manufacturers may request to continue to extend after 2016.
     European Union in its official communique said: These measures are expected to receive help EU industry results, to reduce plant closings and the threat of job losses.
     By the 27-nation European Union about 10 million square meters per year of floor and wall tiles, covering an area of ​​almost Greater London area. About 7 percent of the tiles from China.
     Europe is the world's second largest ceramic tile maker, second only to China. According to data from European industry, the production of ceramic tiles in Europe about 25% of exports, and increasing overseas market share. However, according to Italy, Spain and Germany, small firms, said the price war with China, have made their profits from 7% in 2005 down to 0.28% in 2009.
     Evidence of Chinese imports tile class of anti-dumping duty is to improve the profits of European manufacturers, not necessarily because importers may turn to Turkey or Indonesia to obtain low-cost ceramic tile.

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